Thankful; List #1

By Sarah Davila - 1:03 AM

Well it's Friday night ..Saturday morning now, but I'm going to still pretend it's Friday, and every Friday I want to start doing a list of what I've been thankful for the prior week. A list that I hope makes me smile, even if it's been a tough week, I want to find some great in it. Here goes. . .

  • pumpkin EVERYTHING
  • knowing this coming week I have absolutely nothing to study for
  • the cold weather we enjoyed earlier this week, it was a kiss for south texas saying that winter is coming! and I know everyone enjoyed it (I work at a coffee shop)
  • Radiohead . . that is all.
  • thinking I ordered 20 photos of film for my instax mini, to find out when the package arrives it was 40!! woOo, thanks eBay for having it so cheap (only $15!)
  • finding out I got the days I requested off from work got approved = I get to go up to Austin to see my friends at the end of the month that live there
  • knowing payday is Monday
  • Elias introducing me to The Avatar; 1.) I'm hooked 2.) can someone pleease get a an Apa?
Hope y'all have had a great week.

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