Trying to be cute of the day.

By Sarah Davila - 4:24 PM

So I took a picture for an outfit of the day post, but I ended up not liking it and tucked in my shirt for some odd reason & liked that look (or this look in the picture) better. Also parted my hair down the middle, hadn't done that in quite some time. It's my nap time so I took off my contacts ..so that means the glasses come on. Relaxed look for today, so tired; work early this a.m. then class, so now it's nap time then probably going to go to a coffee shop (can't decide which one) and do some easy homework. Life's been nice to me y'all.

  • yellow striped tee - Old Navy
  • Gold Watch - Betsy Johnson 
  • Brown belt - Old Navy
  • Black Jeans - Target

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