Taco Day !!

By Sarah Davila - 1:10 AM

Living near the border (of Mexico) I'm completely surrounded by the Mexican culture at it's finest. Tortillas, tacos, chile, elotes, raspas, and all the mexican-y things you can think of. When I became vegan it was difficult to give up 60% of what I'm surrounded by daily, and if you come down to the valley finding a taqueria will not be difficult. I looove mexican food and today I was craving "taqueria food" horridly. So I thought why not make it vegan? Elias and I bought potatoes, "ground beef", shredded "cheese", chile, tortillas de maiz, and limes...can't be complete without those baby limes! It turned out to be so amazing and even Elias said it was awesome. My taste buds were in heaven and we were so full afterwards! Other than that my Friday was completely restful, summer school + work have been eating me alive, so it was nice to spend all day at the apartment being lazy, eating, watching movies, and napping. Work all day tomorrow::sigh:: just a week and a half left of summer I.

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