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the start of a new year always fresh and exciting, wondering what the year will bring you, hoping it's good, hoping wonderful things will happen to you and you find nothing but luck.
Valentine's month, Elias and I celebrated the day of love at our apartment (due to past experiences of EVERYWHERE being packed to the max and no seating anywhere) we decided to stay in and I cooked us up some spaghetti and we exchanged gifts.
This year I also turned the big 21! It's been pretty fun and exciting to finally go out with friends and laugh over a good drink, I can honestly say I've enjoyed being 21, but the sounds of turning 22 is a bit scary.
During the months of March and April they aren't too exciting for me, they mainly consist of school days, homework evenings, nights with Elias and weekends filled with work. Always tiring but can't wait to finish school! Oh, and lots of coffee, duh!
I rediscovered my Nikon while cleaning my desk and took it out for some pictures, I really do enjoy taking pictures of anything/anyone.
Lovely summer nights, I really dislike the summer Texas heat, but sunset is always beautiful, no matter how stuffy it is.
Summer means all my high school friends from Austin are down and that also means countless nights at Roosevelt's and local bar/restaurant in town with an awesome atmosphere, good wine + beer, and chill people, also adult games. . jenga anyone? My June consisted of alot of these nights and I loved it!
In July, I got my cook on and experimented with a bunch of different lunch/dinner vegan options, by far my favorite were my impersonation of taqueria tacos. . .so so so goood!
July also accounted for beach trips with my dad and his family.
Also went to my first Ranger vs. Yankee game, that was fun, minus the scorching heat, but hey, seeing Derek Jeter was so worth it ;o)
my first vegan pizzeria in Austin .. so much yum
Austin street art
August was my "summer", both Elias & I got our paid week vacations at the same time so we spent a week together at the beach then San Antonio. The beach was perfect, not too many people and the weather was so lovely.
In San Antonio, I discovered 'The Green Vegetarian Cuisine' which led me to my first taste of vegan cupcakes ...my heart has never been the same, they were truly delicious.
back to school, studying, exams, endless coffee, and highlighters galore! I also discovered my major I want to graduate in, who knew it be towards my last years of college, nevertheless, it felt like a puzzle piece clicked with me and I can't wait to graduate now, so happy.
ACL Fest happens every fall, and this year I went to my first, what an experience, and I happen to go when a cold front came in so talk about amazing weather, it's so amazing to be around so many people who appreciate the same music you do and you all just feel the music in you together. Hoping I get to go again next year.
Happy Halloween! meeeeow :-P
November made me realize how hectic my school semester was, but I wouldn't have it any other way, I love keeping my mind busy, especially now that all my classes involve my major, school is actually fun now!
Towards the end of the year I looked back and realize what an amazing friend I made at my job. I can act like my shy self & we are still able to get along. I know she's not just any "come & go" friend, I believe me and her will know each other for a long long time. Lucky to have her in my life.
cold weather finally here and Moonbeans study sessions.
decorating the Elias' and mines apartment, always fun.
present wrapping and gift giving.
ugly Christmas sweater parties, family time, and love.

That's a wrap 2013, but you were good. Every year I learn a little more about myself, and this year I feel like a whole new person. I discovered what I want to truly do in school, I only enjoy company in small quantities at a time, I learned to love my body the most when I work out, the meaning of my veganism, pieces of what make me, me. Elias' and mines relationship took a whole new level. . .no mess ups, just pure love, and honesty. We have become stronger as a couple, and with every day that passes I truly believe we love each other more with each passing day. All my family stayed in good health, so did my two little furry babies. All my friends are still my friends, and they're all doing good. My blog took a big hit and I now have over 11,800 views! I couldn't have ever imagined that. Thanks to everyone who views/reads...I really do appreciate it so much. Overall, 2013 taught me out of everything you need to know, do, be, is strong. . in every aspect, physically, mentally, emotionally. You have to be strong

I'm ready for 2014 . . . hoping it's another good year full of lessons.

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