Makes me smile.

By Sarah Davila - 6:10 PM

Lately life has felt a little hectic, exams coming up, research I'm doing on the side, work on the weekends, making time for my man + my two little furry kiddo's has been so exhausting lately! Multi-tasking is definitely coming in handy! I've also been so tired, so any chance I get, I'll lay down or take a quick nap. Also the weather has been crazy, so the frigidness of the outside makes me wanna stay in and under my blankets. Although life has felt tough, some of the things pictured above have made things feel easier. 

- The fact that I got to wear sandals today! {let's keep this 50/60 degree weather around, it's perfect!}
- The sun came out the other day after two consecutive 20/30 degree weather, it was lovely and the view. . so great!
- Been all about my eating lately, felt as if I've been slacking, so breakfasts has been my main concern
- Experimented with vegan enchiladas . . . they came out so great! 

Hope y'all are doing well guys, sorry for the abandonment.. but it's time to write a paper! ;-(

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