Calm Day.

By Sarah Davila - 11:27 PM

Today was a day for peace and quiet-ness, the days are getting better and easier each day, of course nothing will ever be the same. Today was a day with being with my family all day, laughing to ease the pain, homemade dishes being brought to us (even a vegan dish for me!). A bunch of delicious pastries and some vanilla ice cream, some black tea lemonade from Starbucks, and a beautiful sunset to accompany the ending to this day. I'm thankful for all the company we always have over, who keep us laughing and our thoughts positive. I'm learning to appreciate everything in life, I always did before, but now I look at life a little differently. I enjoy a lot of family time, and the little things in life I didn't ever notice. I'm even going to take up going to church on Sunday evenings. I want to know more where my brother is at, and want to believe more than what I know. Life is a wonderful and short thing guys, cherish it.

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