A day of pure studying.

By Sarah Davila - 10:26 AM

With finals in full effect, yesterday consisted of so much ASL studying for my final today! Coffee + lemonade kept me going to finish a bunch of final assignments, and final studying. Most of my semester is over by the end of today {yaaay}, minus one class, which will end next week, but at least I only have one to focus on and that's it. I'm so in shock at how it's going to be May tomorrow, like seriously where is the time going because I'm still thinking we're March or something. Life has been up lately, and my families emotions are getting better, of course it's not the same and at times I find myself thinking, my brother is really gone?! I learned to pray every night and that puts me at ease, also it's a powerful thing, I've learned. Well one more week, then I get a month of summer to enjoy, before summer school starts, but hey, I'm finally seeing the light for graduation and it has me more motivated than ever!

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