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By Sarah Davila - 9:47 PM

Life has been pretty good to me this month. Things are looking up, my new job is going great, Elias and I are doing better than ever, and my overall self is happy. Today was just a gorgeous rainy day, but with sunshine still and blue in the sky, how could anyone be mad? Things I've been thinking about lately that have been giving me the inner warmth I'm enjoying so much:

+ my new job & all the positive feedback I get from it {click here to check out the blog} I've never been so comfortable showing off my outfits (while being nervous what people might think), and giving advise about fashion. It's a comforting feeling receiving a bunch of likes on my "ootd's"
+ becoming more comfortable exposing my blog. At first I was a little shy telling people I have a blog, and showing them my deeper thoughts, photos (aside from the ones I post on Instagram which are filtered), and my life. Now I feel happy to give people a little insight on my life and people enjoy it.
+ getting sleep! With my new job, I somewhat create my own hours, so it's pretty fun and new to me. I now am able to get so much rest, it really make a difference on my mood! As much as I loved being a barista, sleep deprived Sarah was no fun :-(
+ Elias & I falling more in love everyday. Elias and I have been together for five years now, so it's normal for things to become routine or "same old", but somehow we always find a way to break free of that and fall in love all over again. There's days where we're just normal and together, then there's days where we get excited to see each other, butterfly feeling again, constant giggles, and non-stop smiling, it's always fun, and comforting to know after five years, we still got it going on, and are very happy with each other.
+ School. . . yes, school is going well for me, I'm actually ahead of my summer class, and am doing well, I'm finding it interesting, as well as stress free!

I can't thank God enough for bring light into my life after a very dark period this beginning of the year. I'm also thankful for you readers who view and read my posts I'm so happy y'all enjoy seeing what I post. Hope y'all continue having a wonderful week.


P.S. - I'm at 17,569 views! I can't believe it!! Y'all are so awesome.

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