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By Sarah Davila - 10:15 PM

Earlier this week Elias and I went on a little two day vacation to South Padre Island, for a quick getaway before fall semester starts. It was really relaxing, and although we're so late into summer, there was actually more people than I expected! I'm kinda sad though because I got really burned, ha.
Dinner Elias and I had dinner at this Vietnamese place near my house called, 'Snowbite', I really like it here because they offer both vegan/vegetarian options along with regular entree's. I love to start off with there vegan tostada's (a must), then I got sweet n' sour tofu with rice plate, my first time tasting that dish, it was good. To finalize our dinner, I got desert, I chose (non-vegan) taro shaved ice, it was SO good, definitely recommend {not pictured}.
Every other Thursday my friend Deb and I go out for "girls night" I guess you can call it now, because that's what it feels like. We go out to have a couple beers, and just talk about life lately, what's been going on, school, work, just anything really, it's always nice. Then we end the night by going out dancing to a 80's bar we love. It's the best!
Today at work, my boss decided to call a group photo shoot, a little too early for my liking ::cough::7:30am::cough:: but it was fun, always something interesting hanging out with my co-workers + we got a free, on the clock breakfast... can't complain!

Enjoying my last (and only week off) of summer break before fall semester starts then hitting it in full force! Hope y'all are doing well, and living up these last days of break. I'm off to put cold lotion on my burning skin {ouch}.

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