Blurry Lately

By Sarah Davila - 3:18 PM

I don't know if it's cause I've been sick for the past week, but life lately feels a little hazy. I feel I'm falling into a moment of weakness and am "burning out" as some say. I went straight from Spring semester straight to summer both I and II, because I want to graduate on "time". . . but as fall semester starts I feel tired and almost "unable to go on". I'm more than positive it's because I'm currently sheltering a cold that is literally the most annoying one ever (it feels like). My head hurts, so much coughing, lost my voice, mucus, and weakness. I've pushed through the end of last week at school + the weekend at work, but I really think I should've given myself a day off because I think today my body said NO MORE. I went to class still, because I get nervous when I miss, but I had to step out due to coughing (up my lungs), and then almost throwing up, so I told my friend I was going to have to go, luckily she would let me know if I missed anything the last 20 mins. At that point I decided, today would be my day to stay home and REST all day! If I keep pushing myself through the day, I won't get any better. It's amazing how our bodies can tell us things, and after a while, we must listen. Aside from being sick and my thoughts feeling crumble-y, I got an acceptance letter for a research I did last semester to go present it in Honolulu, Hawaii, now I know that sounds like a mindless, "uh YES!" decision, but I'm like what about the research I need to finish?! Also my teacher who was helping me moved to Houston, I know e-mailing her my work back and forth can make her feel as if she is right by my side, but the thought of doing it alone scares me a bit.. and makes me unsure of the whole thing. Everything is still in my thought process ...also because it's a bit price-y and travel + lodging isn't included. I guess just the feeling of a new semester and not knowing what's in store + this decision + being sick + missing class = has me feeling a little stressed and probably feeling more sick. Trying to rest up though and have a peaceful mind, that way I can feel better and hit everything with full force.. I know once I feel better, my thought process becomes a little more positive...till then >_<


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