It's the weekend now!

By Sarah Davila - 10:34 PM

oh what a week! I finally finished my intern job (for the semester), I got 3 research papers OVER WITH, and I pretty much finished with one class. There's about a week and a half left of the semester and I'm somewhat excited (I don't want to take finals) but ready for it to be over. I also caught a cold in the middle of the week so I'm dealing with that, and not being able to breathe easily. I started my weekend off having dinner + drinks with my friend Josie, hadn't done that with her in a while. I also purchased her shirt she made (pictured above) showing some south texas love! You can get one if you want at 'Shop 112', and they come in black, grey, and white . . . sizes small-large! I also modeled today at my work this white jumpsuit, super cute, but where would I wear this too!? I don't think I go out enough to sport this babe. I'm going to spend my Friday night relaxing before a long week of studying. I also made the mistake of wearing wedges to my 10am - 7pm shift, so I also am not doing anything because I CANT feel my feet (dumb move sarah).

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