A weekend filled with birthdays.

By Sarah Davila - 2:12 PM

{my bosses neighborhood is seriously the most beautiful place & her interior decor wall art is so rad!}
{work party shenanigans: painting!}
{co-workers birthdays}

This weekend THREE of my co-workers had birthdays, so my boss decided to do a joint birthday party at her house and had painting + mixed drinks & dinner. We had a painting instructor come to her house and guide us through a photo my boss chose. Even with guidance it was so hard for me (I don't have an artistic bone in my body)! It was definitely fun, but boy was it a tiring weekend going out every night and not sleeping enough; then waking up early for work = no bueno for my body. I start summer II this week aka my last class as an undergrad & i'm both excited and dreading it (7:45am class..ugh). On top of my class, I'm halfway through my inter hours and am still holding two jobs on the side, yeah, I'm semi-crazy at the moment. All in all, I'm really great, but also really broke, I do like 15 hours a week (maybe) so my paychecks are small, do-able, but I have a bad shopping habit, I'm currently unable to support :o( I cant wait for this next month to be over so I can relax! Hope you all are well readers! Thanks for always viewing my profile & you can always follow me on Instagram where I post wayy more! Username: sweettartsarah

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