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So the holidays are coming up and it can get a little tough picking things for those special girls in our lives. I always like to give the perfect gifts (or I try) because I like to give gifts that I would like to receive or things I like and also something I think the gift receiver will like or could use in their lives! Here are a few things I picked this year:

- Candles: uh, who doesn't love candles?! Either for your room, living room, restroom, candles are the perfect gifts and the perfect stress reliever. I love the wooden wick ones, because when they burn they crackle and pop, like if there is a mini fireplace in your home (that is if you don't have one). 
- Planners: Whether you're an organized gal or wishes you were organized, a planner is a great gift. I enjoy planning things out, writing notes, and even use the 'calendar app' on my iphone religiously. It's always good to be ready for the week to come and knock it out, so what better way than to plan it out!
- Make-up bag: If you wear make up or not, make-up bags are super cute, admit it. I love this one I chose that says, "girly crap, yes I do use all this stuff actually", I've carried tons of make-up bags in my purse and although I don't use any of it on the go, I must always have it just in case (last minute change of plans, and you need that lipstick)! They come in handy also for traveling to hold bathroom necessities, such as: contact/glasses case, toothbrush, toothpast, etc. ... perfect gifts!
- Stackable Bracelets: In my last post I featured the 'Olivia Mango Jewelry' and since then I'm obsessed with stackable bracelets! They are so fun and so versatile, that they can be worn with anything and in so many combos. Two or three would be a perfect small gift.
- Keychains: I know this seems like a weird gifts but keychains are making a comeback! They are being add-ons to purses everywhere, and these fuzz ball ones are extremely cute. Recently Target had a variety of them, and I sadly didn't snag one... now I'm on the search!
- Coffee Mug/ Tea Mug: Whether you're into a cup of Joe or hot tea, mugs are perfect gifts for those drink lovers, trust me! In a variety of styles, colors, and even initial designs, nothing is a more useful gift than a mug! Want to make the gift even better? Add their favorite coffee bag or tea packets inside the mug for a cute gift set.


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