Road Trip Playlists!

By Sarah Davila - 1:41 PM

Can you believe we are already the end of March?! Only one more month then it's May, which means summer is here! During summer people travel or take road trips, and music is definitely something people take with them on long trips, what else keeps you sane during those long drives?! On road trips I like music that gets me going, and keeps me moving, because falling asleep is the last thing you need on a lengthy drive. My music varies from so many different genres, I like a little bit of everything, old music, new music, or anything that makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs. Below is my playlist of songs I love to hear in the car when driving or tunes that make me wanna join along.

Along with favorite road trip music to jam out to on your drive, how about listening to someone else's tunes while driving around another city?! Turo is a company that you rent a car from an individual to use while you are in their city, and use it for as many days as your trip will last! You can hit up their website HERE , just three simply steps:
1.) Browse cars to rent from real people
2.) Request to rent when & where you want
3.) Grab the keys & hit the road!
...and don't worry, there's also insurance options, so they've got you covered!
In the vehicles offered by Turo, it's such a nice experience to be in someone else's city, while hearing tunes they might leave you in their car to jam out to! It's like 'AirBnB' but for vehicles. I love the experience you get from companies like these, because you really get to experience the city your visiting with the warm hospitality of someone who lives there and can give you an insight of where to visit! You don't have to deal with hotels, car rental companies, and such high prices. 

What are your favorite tunes to jam out to while taking road trips or what tunes would you leave someone behind to get a fun experience in YOUR car?!

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