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Black for summer? You're probably thinking aren't you supposed to wear brights and florals for spring / summer just around the corner? Yes and no! First off, you wear what you want, it's always important to stick to your true style, and express yourself via how you dress. Yes, there is a guideline, florals for spring, bright colors for summer, dark hues for fall, but it's always nice to do your own twist and wear dark florals for fall? yes, or yes.. you get what I'm saying?
So working at a boutique I see tons of new shoes, heels, and clothes coming in weekly, and I'm always purchasing new things. After looking in my closet, I realized I tend to go for brown heels naturally, and I thought, I absolutely don't have any black heels in my closet!
Today I pictured, the shoes I got from work, and hopefully in another post, I can collaborate them with outfits, and show just how truly you can wear black heels even for summer!
The first ones pictured above are fringe wooden heels. I love the boho feel of these heels, boho is always in and with festival season upon us, boho vibes are everywhere. I like how you can dress them up with a nice dress or make them casual with maybe some loose hippie-looking pants or even shorts (interesting twist?) They are really comfortable and can be found at Shop 112.
The second ones pictured above are chunky strappy heels. I always love a nice strappy heel, it looks clean, elegant, and can go with pretty much anything. The number one reason why I love these, are because the heel is super chunky, which means that it will be super easy to walk in! If you walked in strappy heels you know at time it can be a little nerve-wrecking, but with this comfortable heel it makes walking a breeze!
The third and final heel, is a thick strap casual heel. This style is perfect for an everyday look, like jeans, summer dresses, and comfy pants. The height of the heel is also perfect for a work day, because it isn't too high at all! This heel is also perfect for taking out of town and traveling in, easy to make something look dressed up, but also great for walking around and not tiring your feet.
Hope you enjoyed these, and below I linked similar styles if you want to get yourself a pair too, both inexpensive or expensive depending on your taste!

style 1: steve madden

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