Sandra's Bridal Shower!

By Sarah Davila - 3:07 PM

This past Sunday marks the check off the bridal shower of the wedding I'm going to be in! Everything went really well and smooth, so I'm so happy for that (we thought we were going to be serving 180 people!!). It turned out to be really fun, and actually made me excited for the wedding coming up in September. Everything was so pretty and each table even had their own little cake, how adorable is that mini lil thing, unfortunately I didn't get to taste it, because I over indulged at the pastry bar on cupcakes (yikes). Now it's time for the bachelorette party in August, cant wait.

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  1. Her bridal shower is outstanding and even she is looking fabulous in this blue outfit. My sister’s bridal shower was last month and then she tied the knot at one of beautiful Seattle Wedding venues. It was arranged by her best friend.