Round-up of my favs and where you can find them!

By Sarah Davila - 3:20 PM

White Ruffles!
This top was SOOOO fun to wear! I love the simplicity it has and how versatile it can be. So many options to wear this and it is really breezy, perfect for the summer time! Here are a couple of similar tops to the one I'm wearing and where you can get them! Just click the link:
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Simple White Button-Up
It took me a while before I found a nice, decent, not boyish-looking white button-up. I have a very short stature, so some made me look too "box-y" while others were too long, and some felt too "waitress-y". I came across this one at my work, a boutique in McAllen, TX, and I love it, it is what I needed in my life. You can find some similar ones here:
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Denim Gauchos
If I could I would wear these denims everyday, like honestly, I mean everyday, haha. They are SOO comfortable and add so much flare to any outfit, also dig how they give me those 70's vibes, so fun. I purchased these at Target, and am looking for another pair in maybe a lighter wash. So you can get my exact pair at Target or I found a couple of similar pairs:
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Low-Heel Mules
I was always skeptic with low-heeled mules because I felt "grandma vibes" often with certain styles and it took me a while before I bought myself a pair. Now that I own some of my own, I'm so glad I finally bought some, because they are extremely comfortable and add just a little height to you (which in my case,  I need all the height I can get). I got some blush pink ones, and they add such a delicate touch to my outfits. I purchased mine at Shop 112, where we have these blush ones, as well as black, but you can get yourself a similar pair:
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Ring Handle Handbag
As soon as I saw this style of handbag come out, I knew I needed one! I know there has been different styles of ring handle handbags in the past, but I love the modern style that is being out now. I love the unique look it has, and holding the handle is oddly fun? It adds chic-ness to any simple outfit, and mine also comes with a shoulder strap you can add or remove. I got my version of this bag at Forever 21, but similar styles you can get here:
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I hope you all enjoyed my picks and how you too can get my style as well! Thank you for always reading and if you have any requests, comment below or message/comment on my instagram as always!

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