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By Sarah Davila - 11:35 AM

  • I'm Sarah Davila.
  • I'm twenty-six years old.
  • I graduated college back in 2015, with my degree in Rehabilitation from the University of Texas - Pan American. 
  • I'm Hispanic and quite proud to be where I'm from.
  • I live in deep south Texas. . . like really, I live about 30-40 minutes from Mexico.
  • I speak English and partial Spanish . . . maybe some Tex-Mex
  • I'm also intermediate in American Sign Language ... fun fact?
  • I do the marketing, styling, and buying (assistant) for a boutique that is located in Mcallen, TX, called Shop 112, you can check out there facebook here!
  • I have two children (pups) Nylon + Dino. Nylon is a miniature poodle, and Dino is a daschund mix, they are like my blood and I do anything for them
  • I'm a seven year old vegan/vegetarian and I wouldn't have it any other way, it's been extremely enjoyable.
  • I enjoy running and going to the gym, it frees my mind and makes me feel better.
  • I'm in a eight year relationship with my boyfriend, Elias, I seriously believe he's my soulmate, and we are like two puzzle pieces who have perfectly found our match with each other.
  • I'm a very short person.. like 4'11 short.
  • I'm shy but once my shell is broken I promise you, I will not stop talking.
  • I enjoy traveling, and physically learning new things through experience.
Why I started this blog:
  • I started this blog back in 2009, and have been blogging since, the only thing is I have a bad habit of deleting my blog when I feel I'm not that person anymore. I've done this numerous times, but for the start of this one, it was back in June of 2012 and I feel I've been true to it since. I like to post all kinds of things, whether it be outfit posts, what I buy, what I eat, my pups, or random things, I like to blog to document things. I'm a big documenter, I have a journal, I write notes everywhere, and my online blog is for pictures and memories. I hope you find something from my blog, that's good, and take it with you. Whether it be an idea, outfit idea, a positive outlook, a good laugh, or just a smile, something that makes you a better person or something that'll change you to be a better person. I hope you enjoy my reads.

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