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I'm an occasional lipstick person, I'll wear it when I feel it absolute goes with my outfit, or if I just feel like wearing it, but I wouldn't say I wear it everyday (I know, weird). I love to experiment with colors of all lipwear and so far this six above have been the ones to stick with me, and I'm pretty happy about it, because I pretty much like one color from the main lipstick colors. 

(from top to bottom, left to right)

Nude: This YSL lip color is pretty much a staple for me. It goes on nude but leaves your lips looking glossy (not in a tacky way) and like it has a hint of natural-ness. It goes with every outfit and is more of my day color, goes on smoothly and hasn't ever failed me! 
-->color is: 'Rogue Pure Shine'

Nude-Pink: Another favorite YSL lipstick for me that I want to be a little darker than nude, but still look like a slight natural lip color would be this one. Although it's a very creamy lipstick, I apply little and that's pretty much all you need. It's has a light pink touch that's somewhat natural but you can tell you have color. 
-->color is: 'Rouge Volupte'

Pink: The picture is somewhat similar, but it person this Sephora lipwear is more pink. It's perfect for a pop of color without being to loud. I love that it goes on extremely smoothly and creamy, makes your lips feel soft.
-->color is: 'Sephora Rogue Shine No. 14'

HotPink: This color is definitely if you want to make a statement or draw attention to your lips. Bright, bold and fun this color is definitely a color to play with and can be versatile allowing it to be worn for fun-ness in the day or daring at night.
-->color is: 'Revlon Fushia'

Red: A favorite red lipstick, and definitely a strong color, this red lipstick screams smoking hot. I found it on an ad with Emily DiDonato wearing it and it immediately caught my attention. It goes on a bit dry for my liking, but once it's on it stays on, most definitely something I wear at night or cautiously in the day. It's probably the only red lipstick I own, but I believe it's all I need. It's that lovely.
-->color is: 'Maybelline Red Revival'

Maroon: Now as much as I say I'm a 'hardly wearing', 'light colored' lipstick girl, I believe this color is truly a color that is perfect for me. I hope I can make it my signature color. It's a dark lipstick, but it's the most perfect dark lipstick. I was sceptic at first since I'm pretty light complected, but it is dark and bold without over powering my face. It goes on smoothly and most definitely lasts! My favorite out of all of them without a doubt.
-->color is: 'CoverGirl Euphoria'


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