Hiding for a while.

By Sarah Davila - 9:24 PM

I love to interact and be around friends and stuff, but sometimes, I also like being alone 70% of the time. Lately I've been hiding from most social medias, like Snapchat, Instagram, and I already don't have a Facebook. I feel sometimes I want to keep my life private, so lately I've been taking a break from Instagram and deleted all the pictures of myself (I get in random moods). I don't want to post as many pictures of myself, but more of what I see. Also, I've been in a love/hate relationship with Snapchat...I like it, but also I feel I'm too into it always looking at peoples stories and constant posting. . so I deleted that too. Along with hibernating from social media, I had a whirlwind of adventures last weekend in my personal life (and not a fun one). I got many important things stolen from me (luckily found/all replaced), so I've also been keeping it calm in my night life. School is coming to an end, and I have NO clue where the time has gone. Finals coming up is already stressing me and work is hyping up for black friday already (I don't feel ready). So life has been a little busy lately. I plan to post more pictures here, since I won't be on any other social media site, so till then...

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