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By Sarah Davila - 11:05 PM

The holidays are around the corner and I couldn't be happier for a break! I'm ready to relax, hang out with friends, work, be with my boyfriend, and be absolutely lazy! I really could use a break from school because I haven't had one since last December! First of all, I can't believe we're December already, someone please tell me where this year went, because I'm still thinking were October or something. The semester ends in about 8 days for me (hallelujah) but now it's time to give it all I got for finals, which feels worse than the whole semester. I should actually be studying right now for a final I have tomorrow, but I felt the need to do some blogging (writing) instead.. just for a bit. 
I feel every Christmas I want less and less things, I don't know if that's growing up or I just feel like I don't "NEED" anything anymore, like I'm really fine with getting nothing, except spending time with the ones I love. Although I don't want anything, I put a little wishlist above of stuff I want myself, or stuff I think is super cute. 
1.) a new phone case!
2.) some new PJ's
3.) I want to try the 'over the knee' boots, hopefully I can pull them off
4.) a new year = a new planner
5.) I feel like I could use a new coffee mug, how cute are these 'Oh Joy' coffee mugs available at Target
Life has felt so hectic lately, I feel I'm going through a transition of some sort, and I have literally been hibernating from people. I just come home and relax in my room, and I'm perfectly happy, I guess because I literally am at work or school everyday so the moments where I have nothing to do, my room, alone, is the best thing and where I want to be. I haven't been seen my boyfriend much, because he got a new job, so I see him most 2x a week, which feels horrid, but I'm being good and trying to get used to this distance, it literally feels like distance. Also we hardly talk on the phone, because when I'm free, he's working, then he gets out at 2 a.m. and I'm asleep, so I'm definitely adjusting to that change. 
Along with my thought of "transitioning" I feel I'm getting to know myself better every month. Most of the time I feel extremely lost with myself, and I feel I don't know who I am, who I'm becoming, how I want to be, or exactly what I want to do. But aside from that, I feel I'm finally gaining a sense of how I want to be and am learning about myself, maybe from all the alone time I'm getting, I feel I'm gaining a glimpse of myself and who I want to become in life. It feels relieving really. 
Well I guess this turned into a rant, but it could also count as an update. Happy Holidays friends, they're here!

P.S. - He finally takes a picture with me! My babe :o)

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