By Sarah Davila - 9:05 PM

Lately I feel life has been a little hectic, well let me narrow it down, my SCHOOL life has been a little hectic! As the end is nearing in, I need to find a site to do my hours in for experience and well, I haven't had luck or I'm probably not trying hard enough to find a spot. It's overwhelming to me to: do updates on my resumé, set up appts. for "mock interviews", as well as getting in those volunteer hours, getting my resumé reviewed to make sure it's right for interviews ...so all this is making my head hurt and tell myself, "I don't want to grow up!!". Aside from all that, then there's work all day, everyday during the weekend, then back to my school life {what is sleep?}
Life's been pretty okay to me though, I can't complain, without a busy schedule I actually get really bored, so I'm thankful for all these opportunities. My 23rd birthday just passed as well as my loves birthday, which is five days after mine, so we got to spend a Saturday together that we both got off {wow!!!!}. My late brother's birthday just passed as well and we had a big birthday for him, with my family and a few of his friend's came over, it was really nice. Now his 1 year anniversary is coming up of his passing, and I'm not so sure that's going to be as fun... I already got the day off from work thankfully, because I know that's going to be a day of tears shed and gloomy feelings. 
As life goes on I realize you don't need much to be happy, to me happiness currently consists of:

+ naps/sleep
+ my boyfriend & his love
+ family time
+ a few close friends
+ my furry babies
+ good grades

As for my photo above, coffee lately has been keeping me going, soy americano pleeeease!
Have a good week readers, Happy Monday.

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