Summer Bag.

By Sarah Davila - 7:35 PM

Trading in my Kate Spade black and tan handbag for a yellow one! It was such a fun color I saw at the store and I thought it be perfect for spring and summer time, so it was a must have...even Elias said it was "a perfect color for summer", ha he's learning so much from me ;-)
I started my Monday off by going shopping with my man, and it couldn't have been a better way to start my week, as well as scoring a new purse. My spring break was bombarded with work at my two jobs, so I didn't really get to enjoy a getaway, but hopefully I can plan one soon. I also bought a new wallet and a cute little pineapple coin purse which I'm loving both so much, because they are incredibly cute! I also recently joined the iPhone family, so that's been pretty fun trying out something new (been an android person all my life). Hopefully I can blog more soon, I know I've been a little loose on posting and not very active, but I'm going to try to change that!

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Happy First Day of Spring!!

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