This past weekend.

By Sarah Davila - 11:28 PM

{work photos and fake laughs..haha}
{meeting my friend Josie's niece, Kaylie, such a sweet precious baby!}
a sweet, sweet customer happy with out customer service surprised us with lemonade!
Thanks Raquel!!! <3 p="">
{observing kiddos + therapy animals at the Harlingen library}
{...AND while in Harlingen, I had to stop by the Forever 21 and found these babies!}
{a great start to a week with beautiful RGV weather ::thumbs up::}

Aside from my weekends ALWAYS being filled with work, I also have a ton of school stuff to do as the semester comes to an end, ::cough:: 3 research papers ::cough::, so my time has been spent A LOT at Starbucks typing away! My weekend began at work of course and finally meeting my friend/coworker Josie's niece, who I had been anticipating to meet for a really long time now! She's a perfect little baby, who I even got a smirk out of, sweet, sweet little thing! Also had a chance of meeting an amazing customer from Houston who specifically drove all the way to the 956 to shop at our little boutique (Shop 112)! Such an amazing, sweet customer, who I had a pleasure of meeting (she always shops via phone call), so it was nice to be able to help her and assist her with her fashion needs as well as her first time in our store! She also surprised us girls with customized lemonades! yumm :-*  Sunday, I took the day off work to do some observation hours for my animals in rehab class, and drove over to the harlingen library, and got a chance to see kiddos interacting with dogs, as well as learn to read. It really takes the stress off reading for them, because they think they are reading to a dog (who may be listening?) but they really enjoy reading to the animal and they read really great! It allows them to learn without the pressure and the ease of an animal by their side (it's proven animals lower our state of stress as well as blood pressure). So that was really great to encounter. While in Harlingen I stopped by the Forever 21 at the mall there, because I really enjoy the shoe selection at this Forever 21, the one where I live lacks a shoe area, so it was a must I stopped at this one. I scored these amazing sandals that look great and feel great too! I'm scared I might not take them off >_< Well, it's the start to another week, and we were blessed to begin the week with the weather in the 70s!! After yesterday being like 95 degrees, today felt amazing and what I feel is going to be a good week! Have a great one guys!

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