Easter Weekend!

By Sarah Davila - 10:22 PM

oh what a weekend! Last week was literally a hectic week for me, so hectic, I had to trade with someone at work on Saturday, just so I could have a day off! Lord, knows how long it's been since I had a day off, so my body was literally shutting down and telling me to slow down, breathe, and take a day off. So that's literally what I did. I wish there was sun on my day off, but it was a chilly, cloudy, breezy day. All I know is I need some sun soon, because I can feel my body craving the warm touch of the sun on my skin! My body is defiantly telling me I need some vitamin D! Lots of family time this weekend celebrating Easter and all with my dad & mom's side of the family, it was really nice, and I hadn't seen my family in a couple weeks, so it was nice to be reunited again. It's the last month of the spring semester {how??} and the pressure is definitely kicking in, 3 research papers all due at the same day is making me extremely nervous and stressed, but all I can do is start now! I registered for my LAST TWO CLASSES of my undergrad degree and boy is it was great feeling, can't wait to graduate! Till then though, a lot of papers, and intern hours to do! ::sigh:: by far the hardest semester of my college degree. Hope all is well for you reader, and you are in good spirits :o)


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