for your desk.

By Sarah Davila - 1:52 PM

These are a few of my favorite things to have around my desk, granted ...before putting a candle, make sure if you share an office, everyone likes the scent, if not preferably use one if you have your own office. I love organization so a desk calendar and post-its are a MUST for me! I always carry around my Ban.do tumbler (pictured above) to always stay hydrated, especially after drinking coffee. Greenery for some life, if you don't have a window in your office and colored pens, because duh, who doesn't like colored pens!?

all pictured items are linked below: 
+ Desk calendar - Target 
+ Coffee mug - Etsy 
+ Candle - Target
+ Stripes & Heart Tumbler - Ban.do
+ Gold Lamp - tjmaxx 

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