Beach Must-Haves!

By Sarah Davila - 9:51 PM

I just got back from a weekend at the beach, and I forgot to post my beach-day must haves that I take with me myself! I guess it's a good thing I posted after, because I realized you really do not need much for the beach. Spending most of the days in your bathing suit, clothes are pretty much optional (haha). What I definitely always have with me are:
1.) sunscreen - I absolutely DO NOT like burning (or peeling for that matter).
2.) floppy hat - If you happen to forget sunnies, or want to take a really rad Instagram pic, this is a must have!
3.) cute sunglasses - Not only are they great accessories to your beach hair, (or to cover up the fact that you do not want to wear make-up at the beach) but who wants to be all squinty in pictures!
4.) beach bag - to carry all your necessities! Also they make perfect purses for a daily bases.
5.) slides - Always wear easy to slip on sandals to the beach, no one wants to be fussing with laces, straps, and buckles when walking through the sand.
6.)  beach towel - to lay out and get some sun! Also, how cute it this one from Ban.do!


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