A weekend in Houston + a catch up!

By Sarah Davila - 4:16 PM

This past weekend I went to Houston for the reschedule of the Bleacher's concert at Karbach Brewery and it was the absolute best! I was dying to see them and I went back in May, but it got cancelled due to it getting rained out. Although the first time was a bummer, it was worth the drive back, because I can't imagine the second time being any better. We somehow got our tickets upgraded to VIP, so I got front row, then the weather ended up being perfect (only a slight drizzle in the beginning). Jack Antonoff & the boys put on an incredible show, and I'm definitely ready to see them again already!
also, my first time at Shake Shack! It was really good, and their vegan burger option was definitely something different and delicious! I'm thinking it had beets in it? I may be mistaken, but regardless, it was really good! Also, cheese fries because why not?!
I checked out some local boutiques in the area ... who doesn't like a cute photo-worthy wall?

I know I've been pretty MIA on my social media, not sure why, but putting together outfit-worthy instagram photos hasn't been in my mind in the a.m.'s ... maybe I'm just in a rut, that'll hopefully and soon go away. I know sometimes we all need a break from social media, and I'm currently experiencing mine. Shouldn't last too long, because I can't wait to put together outfits again, and take fun photos! 
I'm also going to New York in a couple weeks to go shop for the fall season at work. I'm beyond excited! It's always been a dream of mine to go to NY, so it feels surreal that it's actually going to happen. I'm going to try hard to capture as many photos as possible! 
If you're reading this, thanks for always sticking around and liking my instagram posts along with reading my blog. It means alot!

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