.. to California.

By Sarah Davila - 12:22 PM

A couple weeks ago, I was able to go back to Los Angeles for work! As I've been before, obviously one time isn't enough to get to know a place, so going back, I was excited to learn more about gorgeous LA. At my job, I do a little bit of the buying, alongside my two bosses, which I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do/experience. In LA is where most of the warehouses are for a ton of vendors... so you have the "fashion district" which is made up of multiple vendors boutiques/stores buy from all over the States. I enjoy SO much being able to buy, but as fun as it is, and gets your creative juices flowing (i.e. putting outfits together, buying pieces for a certain event, etc.) it is definitely TIRING! It's not your typical shopping day for yourself, you are shopping for all your store's clients. So you have to think of all the possibilities and different style you know your customers wear. Alongside shopping for that, you are looking at TONS of clothes all day, so by the time your day is done... you're like, wait.. what did I even choose this morning?? Much less, what did I choose two days ago?! At the end of the day you have a slight headache, but work hard, play hard. That is what a good dinner and a drink is for... to relax!
The last time I was in LA I saw the more touristy side, like Hollywood, the walk of fame, Beverly Hills, and the famous Hollywood sign. This time around we saw the more calm side which ventures out a little more .. we saw Santa Monica beach, a museum, and dinner where the locals go. We also went out more to the west side of LA, which the views were incredible... those mountains ... I don't ever get tired of seeing them, every time I see them it's like a breath of fresh air! I might be blessed enough to go on a couple more trips with my bosses back to LA, and I am only looking more forward to see more of the gorgeous views LA has to offer. There's just something so free and uplifting about California.


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