from New York ..

By Sarah Davila - 2:15 PM

This past month I visited my dream state of visiting ... NEW YORK!!! 😍
I got the opportunity to go with my boss to a show they were having in NY for work to shop for pre-fall. Although it ended up being a small market and we finished our work in about two days total.. we had some extra time to sight-see!
I've always known in my heart I was going to LOVE New York City (to be specific), and I even told myself when I was a sophomore in high school, I would love to live in NYC for at least one year of my life in my twenties. Although life changes and I met the love of my life here in the valley, that dream got put on pause, but that didn't mean I couldn't visit it!
As soon as we were landing and I saw the skyline, my heart literally skipped a beat, and I got a rush of emotions... I was actually and finally in NYC! The city that never sleeps, the city where your dreams come true, the city you see in movies ... NEW YORK FRICKIN CITY!
I loved everything about the city even the occasional scent of trash that's in the air (lol). So many things that make the city were so fun and different, now maybe I am just saying this, because I was visiting, but I always knew in my heart, there was a spot in it waiting to be filled by NYC. Although I got a teeny bit of claustrophobia in the subway (how do people ride that everyday?!) in the end I appreciated the experience. So many different languages you hear as you walk the streets, it starts raining.. just pull out your umbrella .. and let's hope you brought that with you, if not?? yeah, your definitely a tourist. The driving gave me major anxiety, how do people drive in that city!? But the fact that everyone is open with each other, minds their business, and is just being themselves was so enjoyable to watch. The cameras flashing everywhere by tourists, then next to them a local is running to get in their daily exercise.. I loved all of it!
I also loved that literally EVERYWHERE was dog-friendly, people walking their dogs in the street, Central Park had a dog park within it, dogs at coffee shops, dogs at spots to eat, dogs on the subway! Always a little cute pup to look at!


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