Trying to be cute of the day.

4:24 PM

So I took a picture for an outfit of the day post, but I ended up not liking it and tucked in my shirt for some odd reason & liked that look (or this look in the picture) better. Also parted my hair down the middle, hadn't done that in quite some time. It's my nap time so I took off my contacts ..so that means the glasses come on. Relaxed look for today, so tired; work early this a.m. then class, so now it's nap time then probably going to go to a coffee shop (can't decide which one) and do some easy homework. Life's been nice to me y'all.

  • yellow striped tee - Old Navy
  • Gold Watch - Betsy Johnson 
  • Brown belt - Old Navy
  • Black Jeans - Target


Outfit Post.

4:19 PM

  • Striped tee - Gap
  • Pink Blazer - Forever 21
  • Jeans - Target
  • Cheetah Loafers - Target


Lately (in phone pics).

8:08 PM

{in between classes: coffee, planner, and accessories}
{new flats; Charlotte Olympia look alikes... but for a college students budget!}
{Nylon playing hide-n-seek behind my legs}
{coffee + a game of uno}
{a new coffee mug I got at SB, love the gold}



The many faces of the sky lately.

11:05 PM

All of these pictures have been taken within the last week and a half. Such different views, but so beautiful at how much it can change. 


At Wal*Mart ??

1:34 PM

So believe it or not this chunky cardigan is actually from Wal*Mart! I couldn't believe how cute it looked on when I tried it. At first it looked to big and not so attractive, but once I tried it on I loved the baggy, comfy look it gave, and only for $15. Good good find.


Back on the school grind.

10:20 PM

Today spring semester started and I wasn't quite ready for "school mode" again. Didn't rest enough during the winter break, my classes this semester seem pretty nice so far, and the weather is great this week, should be a good first week back. Had a long first day though because I worked before school but now that my 15 hour day is over, I can relax and sleep! Although I won't get to fully sleep in until Monday ::sigh::


Girls Day.

11:35 PM

Had a girls day today with Anissa and Josie, always love girl time, don't get it too often but lately I have and it's been splendid, lots of laughs and talks. I love them. 


Lately. (in phone pics)

1:00 AM

{magazines and coffee while in SA}
{the sun finally out after a week of cold, rain and an overcast sky}
{cute patio area at a place called 'Corner Bakery'}
{new kicks from Forever 21}
{my lovely Elias and I both in yellow up to no good}
{new lamp with flowers surrounding}
{new wall decor over my bed}
{new pj's from Target on sale for $4!}



A chilly day at the zoo.

7:39 PM

{the baby goat really loved rubbing his head on the studs of my bag}
{crocodile down below}
{I really do believe this giraffe was strutting around showing off}
{pigmy hippos}
{he looked hungry staring through the window ..also he was pacing back and forth}
{little baby monkey!}
{finding out who's more tough}

Decided the randomly go to the zoo today after work. Ate a delicious lunch then drove over to the zoo with a friend, was a bit chilly [50 degree weather] walking around but I wouldn't have had it any other way! Was a nice spontaneous trip. I also can't believe it's Saturday!! So lost with my days. Hope your weekend is lovely!