Shop 112 Picks: Brights for Spring!

4:12 PM

This week I'm really feeling the spring vibes with our new arrivals at the shop. SO MUCH florals is all I can say. . . along with cute rompers, fun dresses, and statement pieces that are sure to turn heads! I'm loving the bright yellow also for spring, normally yellow isn't in my closet but I'm definitely going to change that this season and well on into summer. Aside from florals, off the shoulder trend still seems to be going strong, so we still are receiving a ton of those! Rompers, I have a love/somewhat dislike (?) relationship with them. LOVE: they are easy to wear, you don't have to worry about matching a top or bottom, just slip it up and go! HATE: going to the restroom, ladies, you know what I mean!! Regardless, I still buy them because they are always so cute, and so effortless. All these pieces will be available next Thursday (4/6)!


Spring Evening Outfits.

12:04 AM

I'm currently trying to evolve my style to be more daring... wear something I normally wouldn't wear, sport a shoe in a crazy color, wear that puffy shirt. I want to be different, I want to stand out, I want to inspire, I want people to know they can wear what you want to wear, be different, and to be yourself. It's so fun, when someone says you inspired them or they want to go get an article of clothing you own so they can have it themselves! I love fashion so much, what a great way to express yourself!

Links to outfits below:

Outfit #1

Outfit #2:

Outfit #3:

Outfit #4:


Spring Time Inspiration with iRazoo!

2:52 PM

Summer Colors!
Statement Skirts!
Floral Dresses!
Palm Tree Tee's!
Spring starts officially next week, which my friends at iRazoo and I are so excited about! We were talking about things to do on rainy days, their easy paid surveys, refer a friend program and overall springtime and inspiration tips, which got me even more excited about my Springtime Inspo!and it's time to update our wardrobe from winter dullness to fun colorful spring wear! Here are some currents I'm loving for my spring wardrobe:

+ Shoes - mules, bright flats, and colorful sandals 
+ Statement Skirts - designs, colors, long, short
+ Linens - 2-pieces, pants, shorts
+ Floral Dresses - short, long, midi
+ Fun Tee's - any fun design! palm trees, lemons, & polka dots

Shoes: I'm loving colorful flats at the moment, Old Navy has some really great colored sandals and flats at the moment, that's where I got my yellow flats from, pictured above! Also Target has some cute colorful sandals in a variety of fun colors! A trend I recently got into and took some time on it, because I was being really picky, is the 'mule' style shoe trend. As for mules, I'm digging the fun styles Forever 21 has to offer. All these styles are also really comfortable and perfect for wearing all day. 
Clothes: Spring style for me is SO fun! The weather still somewhat has a crisp breeze, but the sun is shining, and it's perfect running weather or weather to be outside ( I like running, ha). This spring I'm predicting:
 -fun skirts
- asian-esque style clothing 
- florals (as always)
- pleated skirts
- track style pants 
and as always linen style pants are always a hit, especially perfect for the beach, they're so easy to throw on, and go great with sandals or wedges. I'm seeing more and more pattern tee's come into play too, palm trees are cute, lemons, cactus print, all of them are adorable! All these are great things to purchase for your spring wardrobe, and are very versatile to transition to summer!


Room Inspiration.

2:51 PM

Lately I've been inspired for some revamp in my room. I don't know if I'm entering a new cycle in my life, but I'm ready for the new and I'm looking for inspiration everywhere! I also need to do something about my ridiculous amount of shoe boxes I have laying everywhere in my room (closet is too small to fit anymore pairs) and I have a dresser I could probably get rid of. Hopefully soon, I can show you all what I want to do to display all of my shoes, sometimes I forget what I have, and am surprised when I find a pair I forgot I had! Also plan to very soon buy a new small desk, it's so much easier to blog on a desk rather than on my bed, or if I can't go out to a coffee shop, so a new desk is also in the works! It's raining cats & dogs outside, so I'm drinking an iced soy latte, and am looking up inspo on Pinterest for just what I want to do to my room.

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Dresses with Alessmode!

2:44 PM

Beach Wedding Guest
I love the look of this dress, it has a fancy touch to it, while still being comfortable and casual, this dress would be ideal to attend a wedding at the beach, just pair it with some sandals or wedges, and you've got yourself a perfect look for the occasion. 

Small Outdoor Wedding Dress
This delicate piece is absolutely stunning, the off-the shoulder look is so flattering on any body type, and the lace detail adds that perfect look that suits a wedding dress. The length is perfect to show off a gorgeous heel of your choice, or even a pump in a pop of color for a fun wedding look!

Cocktail Dress
You never know when you're going to get invited to a party that you are going to need a fun cocktail dress! These dresses are great for parties over dinner + drinks, a guest at a wedding, a fancy birthday party at a club, or a night out dancing with your girlfriends! These dresses are definitely bound to turn heads.

Having been in a wedding recently finding a bridesmaid dress that is flattering to all body types, and that every girl likes can be such a challenge! When there's options though, it makes it really easy. Shopping online there's always tons of options and a variety of colors, which makes the hassle not a problem at all!  

On Alessmode finding a dress is a breeze, with SO many options, and dresses for EVERY occasion you can think of, shopping for that perfect dress is absolutely stress free! Check it out yourself, 

*A Few of my Favorite from their site!*