6 years

the feeling you give me.

9:56 PM

Elias is truly an amazing human-being, he is extremely selfless, and deeply cares about everyone in his life. He has very few people in his life, but the ones who are in his life, are loved so much, you almost feel lucky to know him, and you know he would do anything for you. For me, being his girl, I feel beyond blessed to have him as my man. I have never felt so loved, cared, or so appreciated in my life by anyone. He makes me feel like a queen, like no one else in the world matters to him (of course he cares about his family) but in the moment you're with him, everything else disappears and it's just me and him. I always say we're like two puzzle pieces that go perfectly together, we have become one, and it feels so beautiful. We are going on 6 years together and everyday we are able to fall more and more in love with each other, I didn't even know that was possible. I look forward to spending forever with him, if God allows that to be my path, and I know it won't be boring, or feel like a "settle". When I'm with him, it's always sure to being laughs, talks, cuddles, and kisses, only positive feelings. I am so happy this man is mine, and I love the love we share, it is truly amazing. 


Mahalo Hawaii.

9:59 PM

my first time ever on a plane! great experience, no turbulence whatsoever, very nervous at first, but it was the best, I always knew I loved planes.
LOTS of time at airports, hours of delays, lots of reading and plenty of coffee!!
the views had to have been the best part of Hawaii, it's SO beautiful everywhere
those mountains! definitely a favorite of mine, here in south Texas, it is purely flat land.
Hawaiian dancing
more beautiful views and those mountains, gosh!
loved how the surfboards looked with the palm trees
the one tree against the palm trees
the view from the walk back to my hotel, I can get enough of those mountains, they're so gorgeous.
because it was my first time seeing mountains, I overloaded on pictures >_<
to wake up and pick up a coffee then take a little walk to the beach ... so perfect!
Honolulu zoo, mountains, zebras and a giraffe . . so pretty
fresh pineapple for breakfast with tea, and my balcony window open because Hawaii weather is perfect
my city view from the balcony
north side of the island, so different, but even more beautiful. No palm trees, but pine trees, mountains, and beach, very unique.
oh, the places you can go . . 
sushi and vegetable noodles... in bed!
oh Hawaii, I miss you already!
dinner for one at the Honolulu Airport, because of a 3 hour delay! . . sigh
..and back home for another 7 hour flight ...

Hawaii was my first trip out of Texas, and my first airplane ride ever, and it was a great experience! I went for a conference with my teacher to present research we had been doing, but aside from that, it was all fun and games. So happy to have had this opportunity and start the new year in such a beautiful place. Would definitely go back again, it was truly paradise!