Happy (almost) Halloween !

12:50 AM

{Nylon being a cutie & posing with an uncarved pumpkin}
{a little Halloween decor over our sink to light up the night. . . ghost style!}

Halloween is tomorrow but I probably won't be able to post, school ALL DAY, then Halloween party at night at my dad's house! So I won't post up until the next day, time is flying by and it's scaring me, school final projects are coming up, and I'm not ready for the semester to end (it feels like it just began)! So, sorry for the lack of posting, been busy with school + work, but I'll try to catch up soon.


Recently Purchased.

3:07 PM

{ALL ON SALE @ Target: sandals - $8, Pixie- like jeans - $9, Jeweled Tee - $9}
{plaid winter skirt - Target}



lately {insta-style + thanks}

7:11 PM

{vegan blueberry homemade pancakes}
{setting the table}
{a much needed mid-week drink w/ a girlfriend} {coconut rum + pineapple juice}
{mango popsicles ..current obsession // happy 3rd birthday baby girl!! }
{throwback: Halloween 2012}


Also thank a million for all the page views guys! I'm up to 10 thousand, that's really fun to see.


At Wal*Mart ?!

1:46 AM

{faux leather messenger bag - $16.99}
{chunky knit sweater - $12.99 // beanies - $2.00}

Yes, believe it or not these cute items are from Wal*Mart! I was bored today and I thought to go see what Wal*Mart has to offer (was mainly going for more cheap toys for the pups). Then they had winter stuff up already which was so overwhelming, I mean we're not even Halloween yet! This picture does the messenger bag no justice, but it looks so decent and not from Wal*Mart, it actually looks like good quality faux leather. I loved the chunky knit sweater, it has a perfect fit, and is super comfy, as for the beanies, they were only $2! So I snagged two of them in cute colors. Always like finding a good deal.


Necklace: Crave or Save?

1:35 AM

CRAVE: ILYCouture Bloom Necklace, $68

SAVE: Old Navy Flower necklace, $19.99 

When I saw this necklace at Old Navy I immediately thought of the similar (or should I say replica) version of ILYCouture's 'Bloom Necklace' it literally looks the same to me, but for a cheaper price (and no having to wait for shipping)! Unfortunately I was not able to find it online for those who aren't near an Old Navy, so I'm supposing it's in stores only, but it is such good quality and very sturdy if your thinking about going to find it and buy it in stores. Definitely recommend and is my new favorite necklace.


ACL weekend {insta style}

1:50 AM

{Day 1}
{Day 2}
{my girlfriends I went with}
{beautiful Zilker park in Austin}
{Tame Impala . . I was absolutely stunned & speechless after their performance}
{Wilco, so amazing to see them live, they're great}

So this past weekend I went to my first ACL in Austin, Texas, and it was an absolute experience. I didn't think it be as tiring as it was but my body was definitely feeling the pain by day 2! Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time and it's such an experience to be surrounded by good music and people who appreciate music, it's like a big party with a bunch of happy people. I didn't get a picture of myself day 3, but it's all good, I also couldn't snag too many pictures of all the bands, cause everyday was a struggle of keeping my phone's battery alive for 10 hours, it made it, but my the end of my day my phone would be at 1%! So I tried to conserve my battery in case me or my girlfriends got separated. 

Some of my favorites about ACL:
- the weather was great (minus the first day)
- iced lime-a-ritas
- soft grass
- free refill water station
- sitting on the grass is acceptable (my legs were exhausted)
- dancing is completely okay (even if you dance a lil crazy)
- everyone is happy
- it's okay to be weird
- I got to see Thome York (like wow)

My favorite performances:
- Tame Impala (my super fav)
- Wilco
- Arctic Monkeys
- Silversun Pickups
- Franz Ferdinand
- The Cure
- Muse (a second fav)
- Grimes (what a cutie)

What I learned:
- HYDRATE YOURSELF (learned the hard way)
- take a little backpack
- dress comfortably + comfy shoes
- conserve your phones battery
- look at the weather before
- be prepared to be in tight crowds
- go with an open mind & be prepared to see anything & everything

{In the end, I'm so happy to be back home with my love}