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2:00 PM

I love each of these outfits SO much for different reasons! First off, how rad is the t-shirt in my first outfit?? The bow-tie in the back is so great and adds that extra cuteness when you turn around, also .. talk about comfy pants! The second outfit is great for a little twist to your simple t-shirt dress, I love the braided detailing on the side and it comes in black too (so perfect, huh?). My third outfit, I loved the top, the off the shoulder trend is still thriving, and it seems to be everyone's favorite. I love the ruffles on the sleeves, perfect for a night out to dinner or a date! Lastly, I picked a really comfortable, casual outfit, with a pop of color in my flats. I love this top so much, and it would also look great with some skinny denims for a night out having drinks w/ the girls!


Weekly Thanks !

2:26 PM

This week required a whole ton of coffee, iced and hot, two a day kind of week. I'm happy it's Friday! The day I blog, and get to sleep in, and plan for the coming week. I hope y'alls week was amazing and here are five things that made me smile this week. 

Thanks for Jan. 15-21, 2o17

+ a random cool front this week, when our "winter" has been full of 80 degree weather here in Texas  
+ bright florals coming in at work, so refreshing!
+ getting my blog its OWN domain .. hoping for exciting things in the future
+ Vietnamese food w/ babe!
+ getting my brain active again and studying for an upcoming test for my teacher's certification, my brain has been on vaycay for about a year now ... yikes!

What made you smile this week friends?



for your desk.

1:52 PM

These are a few of my favorite things to have around my desk, granted ...before putting a candle, make sure if you share an office, everyone likes the scent, if not preferably use one if you have your own office. I love organization so a desk calendar and post-its are a MUST for me! I always carry around my tumbler (pictured above) to always stay hydrated, especially after drinking coffee. Greenery for some life, if you don't have a window in your office and colored pens, because duh, who doesn't like colored pens!?

all pictured items are linked below: 
+ Desk calendar - Target 
+ Coffee mug - Etsy 
+ Candle - Target
+ Stripes & Heart Tumbler -
+ Gold Lamp - tjmaxx 


Weekly Thanks!

3:46 PM

So back then (many years ago), I would think about all the things in the past week that made me either smile, feel thankful, or made my week just a little bit better! Sometimes we're so wrapped up with problems and the big picture, we forget to give thanks to the little things that make our week just a tad bit better! I want to start this up again, and name at least five things that made me feel thankful or smile... so here I go!

Thanks for Jan. 8 - 14, 2o17

Getting planner stickers to get a more organized glance at my week!
+ having a chance to get another interview for a teaching position & becoming THAT much more confident in the interview!
+  spending the weekend with Elias' family for his nieces birthday & eating yummy food + cake!
+ having Friday's off!!
+ finding another pair of Ray-ban look alikes, because my old pair broke and I never found a nice pair... thank you Target!

What made you smile this week? 



Texas Weather?!

2:00 PM

Lately the weather here in Texas has a mind of its own... it's hot one day, then the next day your picking out the coats from the back of your closet, because it decided to get cold. I'm currently loving shades of pink for the new year, pastel pink in the cold weather just looks extra cute, and gives such a refreshing feeling. I'm also loving the pop of orange I threw into the mix, and you can easily throw a cardigan or a white coat over if the weather decides to get haywire. Lastly, along with the orange, this teal top has such a lovely back detail, and gives any simple top, a unique feel. I hope you enjoyed my picks for the week, have an amazing weekend friends.


Personalized Weekender Tote!

3:12 PM

I'm always going back and forth during the week from my boyfriend's house to my house, so I needed a good tote that's sturdy, spacious, and cute (duh, right?). I found this one off of, BUT it's from a website called 'Krafty Chix' and here they have tons of other personalize options available, from over the shoulder bags to big totes, pick your own color as well as font, the options are endless! They also have a plaid one available for the season & it's on sale for $22.99!! I got the black tote, with tan detailing and gold font, incase you like my bags style.


New Year || Happy 2o17!!

11:24 PM

I know I've been on a REALLY long hiatus, but I'm back, and I'm ready to share a new year with you friends. Towards the end of 2016 my schedule got really odd/busy/no time to be on my computer, that finally I'll have a real schedule and even office time to get back to my blog! I'm excited to share with y'all again, I've missed blogging, but with a new year, I plan to keep up more often with this baby, and hopefully always have something interesting to read! Last year I set no goals, or "resolutions" for myself, and I felt it was a very sluggish year (although I think 2016 was a year no one wished happened). So this year I made a little "to-do" list/goals for myself:

Move in with my long-time boyfriend
start my career with my degree
read more books!
take at least one big trip!
 take more time for my blog

I can feel this year is gonna be amazing for all of us, now let's kick 2o17 in the bum and make it OUR year!


P.S. - I also want to bring back my "Weekly Friday Thanks", where I would say at least 5 things that made me smile that week, I need to start seeing the positive in everything!

P.P.S. - Some old look back at the years: 2o13, 2o14, 2o15