my day . . video style.

3:14 AM


So I decided to do something a little different and "film" pieces of my day, it was quite fun and thought of a nice different way to blog. . . feels a little more personal. Anyway, maybe this will be more often who knows, I just need to get faster at the editing but I'm sure that'll be easy, I hope you enjoy!


Current Loves:

9:31 AM

  1. Chambray button ups: so versatile!! You can wear them open, tied half ways, closed, as a light denim jacket, over shirts.. under them... SO MANY WAYS. 
  2. Lorac Pro Mascara: I go through so many different mascaras and something about different ones I love and hate, but currently this Lorac Mascara has me complaining about NOTHING! Doesn't run or come off easily {but with make-up remover it does} clump off throughout the day, and definitely gives volume! 
  3. Faux Gold Spiked Bracelet: kinda gives me a Stella and Dot feel but without the high price {I'm a college student remember!}
  4. Lemon and Mint infused water: refreshing and is a easy detox, great for skin as well!
  5. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nector: I get this at my local farmer's market, somewhat pricey for 29ml's, but nevertheless, it's vegan and smells heavenly 
  6. Candles: summer scented ones are nice right now or my all time favorite.. vanilla! 

What are you currently loving?


Summer Time.

11:33 PM

Yesterday, I realized I finished the semester, and that I can actually relax for a good month! Well besides work I guess, but that's mindless stuff. I'm so proud of myself this semester because I'm pretty positive I'm going to bring all A's with me and it feels wonderful. So I put on a pink shirt, paired it with a bright yellow necklace and a straw fedora, some shorts and sunnies, while enjoying the sun with nice weather outside. To me it felt like summertime and I couldn't be more ecstatic. Must make a trip to the beach soon to relax and hear the waves. Hope everybody did well in school this semester and we all have a restful summer.


ACL Festival 2013

10:21 AM

So this year I decided to go to the ACL Festival in Austin, TX. I'm really quite excited, it'll be my first time going to an actual festival, so I'm eager to experience everything it has to offer. I'll probably be heading up with friends, so it'll be an even better experience! Looking forward to some good drinks + awesome music in a chill city. Can't wait!
Who I'm looking forward to:
+ Depeche Mode
+ Muse
+ Phoenix
+ Wilco
+Vampire Weekend
+ Artic Monkeys 
+Queens of the Stone Age
+ Franz Ferdinand 
+ Jimmy Eat World
+ Neko Case
+ and of course I'm ready to hear new bands I've never heard of !

If you're going, who are you looking forward to? If you're not, who are some of your favs from the line-up?