Hiding for a while.

9:24 PM

I love to interact and be around friends and stuff, but sometimes, I also like being alone 70% of the time. Lately I've been hiding from most social medias, like Snapchat, Instagram, and I already don't have a Facebook. I feel sometimes I want to keep my life private, so lately I've been taking a break from Instagram and deleted all the pictures of myself (I get in random moods). I don't want to post as many pictures of myself, but more of what I see. Also, I've been in a love/hate relationship with Snapchat...I like it, but also I feel I'm too into it always looking at peoples stories and constant posting. . so I deleted that too. Along with hibernating from social media, I had a whirlwind of adventures last weekend in my personal life (and not a fun one). I got many important things stolen from me (luckily found/all replaced), so I've also been keeping it calm in my night life. School is coming to an end, and I have NO clue where the time has gone. Finals coming up is already stressing me and work is hyping up for black friday already (I don't feel ready). So life has been a little busy lately. I plan to post more pictures here, since I won't be on any other social media site, so till then...


Let's play catch-up !

7:28 PM

crazy crowds at ACL 2014 this year! 
Deb & I chillin' at ACL, waiting for a show to start
Mac Demarco was kick-ass!
thanks Austin for always caring about us vegan/vegetarians!
cheesy photo of me & Elias at my mom's birthday dinner (excuse the blurriness, my grandma can't take photos, obviously)
movies with Elias to watch 'Fury'
celebrating at work, my friend & co-worker, Josie's shirt designs for October's breast cancer awareness month.
making pumpkins at my boss' house for Halloween
Halloween party at my ex-bosses house with my old co-workers from the coffee shop.
Halloween in my cup
my co-worker being herself on Halloween
my friend from middle school is getting married, and her theme was French/Paris inspired ..super adorable
and a picture with everyone, Congrats Brianna!

I have been so so busy lately with school + work, on my days off, I literally want to be in bed watching Netflix, or asleep! This was a big post of what I've been doing in between since my last post. I can't believe we are already November, time is flying by a little too fast for my liking. Life's been good, and I've been well. Hope y'all are doing great guys!