Lately {Insta-style}

1:03 AM

{side braid + ootd // finally am able to do milk-maid braids! }
{tried Panera finally as well (there isn't one where I live) // Rangers souvenirs}
{UT in Austin // souvenir from Buc-ees, quite an incredible store I must say}



Outta Town.

7:41 PM

{Texas vs. Yankee's baseball game in Arlington, Tx}
{vegan pizzeria in Austin, Tx}
{pineapples, jalapenos, mushroom, vegan cheese . . .I thanked the vegan gods all day long}
{all the street art was my favorite}

This past week I was in San Antonio, Arlington, and Austin then back to SA. It was a nice getaway and enjoyed a lot of sight seeing, Texas is a truly beautiful state, I love driving around Texas whether it be the south, north, east, or west, I love my state. Just a few pics I posted, maybe I can post what I purchased up there, we'll see! I hope y'all are doing wonderful readers.


Foodie, Sky, & Jimi = my weekend.

1:40 AM

{fruit cup + coconut shreds! // vanilla rice milk ice cream}
{late night treat for Elias & I // beautiful Texas sunset}
{thanks to my man, I now have a Jimi Hendrix tee}

I seemed to have had a sweet tooth all weekend, so a bunch of treats for me, but had a good week, and getting ready to head out to Arlington this week, so packing will be a must soon (probably at the last absolute second). Hope y'all had a relaxing weekend, and are ready to tackle another week or enjoy your summer like I am, nothing but relaxation and easy days. Love it.


Barnes and Noble kinda night.

2:13 AM

Elias and I were craving a sweet treat + a little book action, so we headed to Barnes & Noble for the evening and picked up a drink from their cafe (ran by Starbucks), my current favorite is the 'Valencia Orange Refresher' love, love, love! Also came across a wonderful vegan baking book! I swear if you're reading this and are vegan w/ a deadly sweet tooth, I HIGHLY recommend you take a glance at this book, I promise it won't disappoint.


Day at the Beach.

3:24 PM

{lunch while driving, needed something east to eat + filling. . of course it be sushi! }
{the clouds were mesmerizing }
{arriving at the island}
{sandy sandals}
{oh to be young again}
{nothing better than a beach sunset}
{enjoyed a peaceful, relaxing, evening}

until we meet again South Padre.


my weekend through the eyes of my phone.

12:31 AM

{Elias & I shopping around on Friday // my co-worker&wonderful friend Josie celebrating her 21st}
{new espadrilles from Target $20 from $30 // myself after a good night of celebrating my friends bday}
{a beautiful Sunday evening // delicious drinks to end the weekend}

Hope ya'lls weekend was relaxing and fun, let's make this a good week or to y'all enjoying summer like I am, let's have another relaxing day! Out to the beach tomorrow for the evening after work, going to meet up with my dad and his family, can't wait to put my toes in the sand!


Outfit of the Day.

1:06 AM

floppy hat - Target
nude tank - Target
polka dot/ striped cardigan - thrifted
high-waisted jeans - Target
over the body bag - Aldo



Rain, Rain, you're welcome to stay !

12:52 AM

Nothing but rain and thunderstorms these past few days here in the 956, but never fails after the dark skies and the loud thunder, it clears up and a beautiful rainbow comes through and outshines all the darkness that was there. I can tell you us South Texans are DEFINITELY enjoying the heck outta this rain! We needed it so bad, and hey, a rainbow afterwards is well worth it.


Bubble Sale

2:04 AM

So ILYCouture was having a sale this past weekend until Tuesday (yesterday) on their bubble necklaces! So I snagged on as soon as I heard about this sale, they're such beautiful necklaces, but for $50.00, it's a handful for a college student like me, so following them on Instagram, they were having a promotion to a wonderful price of $16! I purchased the one picture above in color "Taupe", can't wait till it arrives!


Thrifted Goods.

2:00 AM

{Forever 21 - $8.00}
{Papaya - $8.00}
{Kirra - $7.00}
{Atmosphere - $10.00}



Lately {Insta-Style}

1:22 AM

{finally got some high-waisted skinnies // stuck at Barnes & Noble during a rainstorm.. reading}
{vegan tamales!! so excited to taste these // veggie sushi roll..such vibrant colors}
{Texas sunset always different everyday // reading + coffee for summer classes}
{early morning coffee & finishing up a final essay // new piercing}