My Weekend {InstaStyle}

1:17 AM

{Nylon kisses // Ready to go spend my Saturday studying}
{Nylon on our evening walk // Dino accompanying me w/ his warmth while I do some nightly reading}
{love greenery inside the house // the sky after one of today's many storms}
{coffee while working w/ a group for our presentation // storm view out the window}

Just a little of my weekend. Hope yours was wonderful, time for a week of finals, studying and stressing out.. it's almost over!



An assortment of {new} things!

12:02 PM

{patriotic flats; can't wait to wear!}
{an assortment of arm candy}
{new eyewear + cat eye jeweled sunnies}
{turquoise gem necklace}
{baby blue statement necklace}
{peter pan collar necklace}
{polka dot jean love}

Just a few of the things I've boughten over the past couple weeks, there is always something I want, but I guess that probably means I'm a shopoholic or something, maybe I'll post soon of the things I'm wanting or liking. Happy Monday!



12:35 AM

Tonight feels a little uneven. Got out of a long day at work and felt uneasy, very drained, tired, and the thought of homework on my mind made me feel more exhausted. Getting ready to call it quits for the night and will continue my homework tomorrow morning, group work is tough, especially when all of us are separated ::sigh:: only 2 more weeks, then it'll all be over for a while. Dino's warmth and my laptop are keeping me going while I finish up, hope y'all had a good weekend, and let's start this week on the right foot. Goodnight.


Drinks. Bebidas. Boissons.

11:29 PM

{smoothies // Naked juices}
{Tazo berryblossom white tea // Green Tea Lemonade w/ 2 equals}
{glass of Blue Moon}

Some of my favorite current drinks: smoothies of ALL sorts, Naked juices (probably addicted), tea, tea, tea (can't get enough) and an occasional beer on the weekends to unwind after a long week. What are some of your current favorite drinks?


oh Target, you always know how to get me. . .

1:33 AM

Target's new "giftables to go" section just has me saying, "I WANT EVERYTHING". Picked up a cute coffee/tea mug from this section, but everything was to die for! I had to calm myself.

Sorry about being a little behind on the blog, it's finals time at school, and I have three presentations to do this semester, so I'm a little nervous. I'm trying to post, promise.