Macaroon Love + Update.

1:29 AM

I know I'm probably late on the whole "macaroon" trend, but I recently BARELY had one for the first time this past week & {oh my goodness} I have gotten them for like the past 3 days [oops]. Now I know they are not vegan, but I guess I gave myself a "cheat" and went vegetarian for a couple moments to enjoy these babies. They are lovely let me tell ya, so if you ever come across a bakery or cupcake shop that happens to sell these, get one..or two..and they come in different flavors, so pick what you like, my favorite happens to be pictured above. Anywho, lots of new posts coming up hopefully I can post a "what's new?" blog tomorrow after work, I'm SO behind, and I feel bad. Also wanna do other things, like maybe a shoe collection, or my favorite all natural, vegan products I use on my face, body, etc. .. so stay tuned. Hope y'alls spring break has been lovely!



1:46 AM

If you care to follow my everyday life, y'all can also follow my instagram , my username is: sweettartsarah.



Lately (Spring Break thus far Edition)

1:39 AM

{at a friends ranch enjoying the wildlife + my new red booties}
{horses, dogs, pigs to name a few}
{bar's restroom drawing // mixed drinks at Chili's}
{new sandals + new red booties}
{the best chocolate milk you will ever drink}

Lots of rest has been brought upon me this Spring Break, off to a slow start but I'm enjoying it, hope yours is safe and so fun!


Outfits of the Week.

2:06 PM

{Mon & Tue}

Unfortunately only three outfits this week, Thursday and Friday I got stuck at work all day so no outfits, boo! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend & a great start to our Spring Breaks!


Outfits of the Week.

10:44 AM

Monday & Tuesday's outfit {left to right}
Wednesday & Thursday {left to right}



Lately (in phones pics)

1:13 AM

{from top to bottom; left to right}
1.) Olive Garden dinner: wine + spaghetti
2.) myself drinking a homemade smoothie & off to class
3.) Nylon being a cutie (also in dire need of a haircut)
4.) new house slippers from Target
5.) studying, studying, studying + a delicious fruit cup & coffee
6.) new vegan soap bar

Haven't been able to post lately, but should get back to it, got lots of new purchases to show y'all. It's finally Friday also! yay!

p.s. thanks for all the views! I'm up to 7,000! That's so awesome to see.