Back to School - Teacher Style

11:00 AM

Back to school is around the corner, and school shopping is on every girls mind. For this teacher appreciation post we chose a black and white theme for these looks. A black skirt is the perfect versatile piece for your weekly wardrobe. It goes perfect with black and white tops, or you could even add a pop of color. You can dress it with heels, wedges, or flats and add accessories to give it that finishing touch.
This outfit is SO fun, I love the professional look of the top and also it's comfort. For certain jobs that require dress code, throwing on a blazer is a simple fix!
This outfit is probably my favorite, the top is SO adorable and I love the lace touch to it, gives it that feminine feel. The polka dots, well, who doesn't love polka dots! Such a great look for that first day of school.
This is such a perfect top for the fall season. I love how the tie at the waist can help accentuate any girls curves and gives you a more flattering look. Definitely gives you that I'm in charge look!
Definitely a Friday outfit! I love this top so much, because not only is it a work look, it's a perfect weekend top too, pair it with some linens, or a cute denim skirt, and it's great for a coffee date! I added a gold necklace for that perfect pop of accessories. 
Give your black and white routine a pop of color! I love this orange top which is a great color for the fall season. This look is so perfect for a meet the parents night, classy and professional. 


Summer Comfort.

11:00 AM

I'm all about comfort and fashion. I love being in tune with what's in, but I also love being comfortable and not worrying about if... my dress will fly up or is something see through?! I love effortless fashion, and looking good while feeling good as well. I picked these style below, because, one, they are so adorable, and well, two, they were so comfy to wear! My picks today are easy to move in, breezy for this scorching summer heat, and patterns that are up to trend with summer styling. 


Beach Day Must Haves!

1:00 AM

So I finally got to make it out the island for the summer, I hadn't been here since March (that's long considering I live an hour and a half aways from it)! It's always nice to get out and get some sun, it really does the body good, and who doesn't love a nice golden glow. When going to South Padre Island here in Texas, there's just certain things you've gotta do, pack a swimsuit, grab a towel, and get outside! Here's my list of must haves/do while at the beach:

1.) sunscreen and water! It is so crucial to be protected from the harsh sun as well as stay hydrated. I keep refreshed with my 'Swell' water bottle, which keeps beverages cold for up to 12 hours! Yes, even in the hot Texas heat, with temps up to 105 degrees, my water was chilled and refreshing to keep me rejuvenated and hydrated for tanning. Speaking of tanning, SUNSCREEN is a definite must, don't burn your skin, lather up or even wear a hat with some sunnies, look cute while being protected.
2.) Simple Sandals! Walking around the beach and finding a spot to sit is hard enough carrying around your beach towel, bag, phone, and other necessities... don't wear sandals with straps, and buckles, laces, etc. It's going to get annoying having to put them on and off throughout your walk around the beach. I love the simple gold sandals pictured above, cute and super easy to just slide on or off.
3.) Cute Jewels! I'm not down for wearing a bunch of jewelry, but a couple cute bracelets are great to give your bathing suit a little extra oomph! The ones pictured above are so perfect for the beach: starfish, peace sign, tassels, I love the combo! My bracelets are 'Olivia Mango' and you can check out her jewelry here.
4.) Outdoors! I know this one sounds silly, but after being outside on the beach, we tend to want to go inside our hotels, condos, etc and hide away! Be on your balcony people! Enjoy the views, the island breeze, the shade... eat outside, have a drink outside, sit out, just enjoy your time being away from reality for a while.
5.) Cute Swimsuits! I got so many compliments on my bathing suit pictured above. I was really skeptic about the high-waisted trend, since I'm really short, but it worked out so perfectly! I got this one at Target, and together they look perfect, although they were separates, I feel they matched perfectly together.
6.) Burgers! Now this one may be a personal choice, because I'm sure if you ask any Texan where to eat burgers, they will not even hesitate to say 'Whataburger'! Now I am a vegetarian, so I haven't eaten meat in 5 1/2 years now, so my options are always very limited, but when we got a 'BurgerFi' here on the island, my heart was so chipper, because they serve veggie burgers!! My thoughts about "beach bod" go out the window for a bit, so I can enjoy a burger with fries!
7.) Nightlife! Going out at night by the water is the best! Have fun, have a drink, dance the night away, enjoy the breeze, relax with friends, that's what the beach is about.


Fashion Re-purposed.

11:28 PM

So earlier this month I got to be a part of this event here in the RGV called, 'Fashion Re-purposed', it was an event to help out 'Mujeres Unidas' and was done off strictly donated/thrifted clothing. It was hosted by Victoria Lopez and Mark Hanna, two amazing sweet people who made it such a fun event to be a part of.  I was chosen as a "trendsetter" along with 4 other local fashionista bloggers, and we had to style 6 models in 30 minutes off of a pile of thrifted clothes. It seemed quite easy at first, but once the timer started, it got a little hectic, rummaging through clothing while 4 other people are as well trying to get the best pieces for your models. I also had a male model, and I hadn't dressed a guy before, so that was definitely a new challenge for me! I amazingly styled my 6 models in 18 minutes! I was the fastest trendsetter to finish styling my models, I was pretty proud (haha). It was a challenge because, I didn't have a wide variety of sizes to choose from, and I wanted to choose the cutest styles, but also think about my models, their bodies, what would look best on them, and what their size was, so that was fun challenge to get across. I had SO much fun being a part of this event, and it was so amazing to see how the other trendsetters styled their models, and why they did. Some people here in the valley really have talent. It felt like such a real fashion show, and I'm so thankful to have been chosen.


Summer Patterns.

5:31 PM

It's no secret that summer is all about fun patterns and colors, but it doesn't always have to be florals and pinks ... I love the boho vibes these patterns give off, and yes they are summer approved!
Light denim off the shoulder dress.. duh, not doubt this is a must have! Perfect for that summer party or even a cute day date. 
Boho vibes will forever be my favorite kind of vibes. This is such a statement vest, and it can go with anything besides a dress, you can do: skinny jeans, high-waisted shorts, or even as a cover up for your bikini! 
I love this top because I feel it's a perfect transition piece from summer to fall, I know were still July and we're in the midst of summer, but hey versatile pieces are my favorite!
This outfit is literally the same, except I did a different color top with these shorts. Same top, but two different colors and two very different looks. These shorts were so comfortable, almost like wearing PJs in the daytime (love it)! The top was also really flowy but I tucked it in for a structured look to enhance my waist. 


4th of july

4th of July Outfits!

10:00 AM

Happy 4th of July friends!
What better way to celebrate than with BBQ, fireworks, laughs, cold beverages, and . . . the perfect outfit! It's a hot one out here in the 956, and with the temperatures in the triple digits, the only thing on our minds is something to keep cool in! I love the usual 4th of July attire with flags all over you and stuff, but I personally, like to do my own twist on our nation's independence. I love to wear the colors of red, white, and blue, but in my own way. So here are a few of my favorite looks that can be sported this holiday, whether you are at a backyard BBQ, parades, or at the beach, this looks will be fresh, cute, and patriotic.  
This one is easy enough to show your 4th of July spirit, while also being stylish and cute. I love the comfort of this skirt, and the sheerness of the shirt. Both are perfect to keep breezy and show that patriotic pride. I paired with some open toe booties, but they would also be great with flats, or sandals!
For this outfit, I went with the white, of red, white, and blue. These shorts were so comfortable and cute to pass up, so I had to toss them into this mix. This one is perfect to add that touch of red via some lipstick, it's such a perfect outfit not only for 4th of July but all summer long!
This dress is the perfect mix of red, white, and blue, while looking classy and sophisticated! I love this one for a backyard BBQ, and ice cold lemonade in your hand.
This dress is so versatile for 4th of July, you can wear red lipstick, blue heels, red heels, blue jewelry. . . the possibilities are endless! I love the flirty little flip it has to it towards the bottom, so perfect for the beach to watch fireworks! It's also super comfortable, and light-weight.
 I love this outfit for a 4th of July parade with the family. The top was my absolute favorite, and I'd probably want to use it all summer long. This one is great with red jewels, and I did a red lip to bring out that pop of red. 

Have an amazing 4th of July friends! Be safe and fashionable!