About me.

11:35 AM

  • I'm Sarah Davila.
  • I'm twenty-six years old.
  • I graduated college back in 2015, with my degree in Rehabilitation from the University of Texas - Pan American. 
  • I'm Hispanic and quite proud to be where I'm from.
  • I live in deep south Texas. . . like really, I live about 30-40 minutes from Mexico.
  • I speak English and partial Spanish . . . maybe some Tex-Mex
  • I'm also intermediate in American Sign Language ... fun fact?
  • I do the marketing, styling, and buying (assistant) for a boutique that is located in Mcallen, TX, called Shop 112, you can check out there facebook here!
  • I have two children (pups) Nylon + Dino. Nylon is a miniature poodle, and Dino is a daschund mix, they are like my blood and I do anything for them
  • I'm a seven year old vegan/vegetarian and I wouldn't have it any other way, it's been extremely enjoyable.
  • I enjoy running and going to the gym, it frees my mind and makes me feel better.
  • I'm in a eight year relationship with my boyfriend, Elias, I seriously believe he's my soulmate, and we are like two puzzle pieces who have perfectly found our match with each other.
  • I'm a very short person.. like 4'11 short.
  • I'm shy but once my shell is broken I promise you, I will not stop talking.
  • I enjoy traveling, and physically learning new things through experience.
Why I started this blog:
  • I started this blog back in 2009, and have been blogging since, the only thing is I have a bad habit of deleting my blog when I feel I'm not that person anymore. I've done this numerous times, but for the start of this one, it was back in June of 2012 and I feel I've been true to it since. I like to post all kinds of things, whether it be outfit posts, what I buy, what I eat, my pups, or random things, I like to blog to document things. I'm a big documenter, I have a journal, I write notes everywhere, and my online blog is for pictures and memories. I hope you find something from my blog, that's good, and take it with you. Whether it be an idea, outfit idea, a positive outlook, a good laugh, or just a smile, something that makes you a better person or something that'll change you to be a better person. I hope you enjoy my reads.

For collaborations or just get in contact with me for a question, email:




9:04 AM

I'm an occasional lipstick person, I'll wear it when I feel it absolute goes with my outfit, or if I just feel like wearing it, but I wouldn't say I wear it everyday (I know, weird). I love to experiment with colors of all lipwear and so far this six above have been the ones to stick with me, and I'm pretty happy about it, because I pretty much like one color from the main lipstick colors. 

(from top to bottom, left to right)

Nude: This YSL lip color is pretty much a staple for me. It goes on nude but leaves your lips looking glossy (not in a tacky way) and like it has a hint of natural-ness. It goes with every outfit and is more of my day color, goes on smoothly and hasn't ever failed me! 
-->color is: 'Rogue Pure Shine'

Nude-Pink: Another favorite YSL lipstick for me that I want to be a little darker than nude, but still look like a slight natural lip color would be this one. Although it's a very creamy lipstick, I apply little and that's pretty much all you need. It's has a light pink touch that's somewhat natural but you can tell you have color. 
-->color is: 'Rouge Volupte'

Pink: The picture is somewhat similar, but it person this Sephora lipwear is more pink. It's perfect for a pop of color without being to loud. I love that it goes on extremely smoothly and creamy, makes your lips feel soft.
-->color is: 'Sephora Rogue Shine No. 14'

HotPink: This color is definitely if you want to make a statement or draw attention to your lips. Bright, bold and fun this color is definitely a color to play with and can be versatile allowing it to be worn for fun-ness in the day or daring at night.
-->color is: 'Revlon Fushia'

Red: A favorite red lipstick, and definitely a strong color, this red lipstick screams smoking hot. I found it on an ad with Emily DiDonato wearing it and it immediately caught my attention. It goes on a bit dry for my liking, but once it's on it stays on, most definitely something I wear at night or cautiously in the day. It's probably the only red lipstick I own, but I believe it's all I need. It's that lovely.
-->color is: 'Maybelline Red Revival'

Maroon: Now as much as I say I'm a 'hardly wearing', 'light colored' lipstick girl, I believe this color is truly a color that is perfect for me. I hope I can make it my signature color. It's a dark lipstick, but it's the most perfect dark lipstick. I was sceptic at first since I'm pretty light complected, but it is dark and bold without over powering my face. It goes on smoothly and most definitely lasts! My favorite out of all of them without a doubt.
-->color is: 'CoverGirl Euphoria'



My 4 favorite designs

11:59 PM

1.) faux cheetah print: It's so classy on small pieces, and it's my favorite detail item. I love to use it for scarves, flats, heels, jewelry, or handbags. This is not a design to go all out full matching, just small little hints to make it a statement.

2.) stripes: It's probably hard to find someone who doesn't enjoy a striped piece in there closet. This print is my favorite on tops. I love it especially on 3/4 length sleeve tops, so classy and sophisticated.

3.) polka dots: Black n' white polka dots allows us adults to have that fun kid feeling but adult like. Polka dots are great on light sweaters or skirts, even on delicates like bras and underwear. Lately even cute on harem pants and flats!

4.) floral print: This print is just so vintage-y and calm to me. I like these prints on summer dresses and flow-y tops, definitely gives me that bohemian feel



Review: Snowbite

12:27 AM

So a lot of people asked what I thought about this new restaurant in my town that offers vietnamese food but specifically for my interest they offer vegan friendly items on the menu. Here's my thoughts:

Menu: a bit vague, but it's a new place, and it gets to the point. For me though, being vegan, I had to ask in detail what was vegan friendly, luckily the waiters/waitresses were very sweet and willing to help me. They also said they were in the works of getting a new menu with "vegetarian/vegan" pages to make it easier. So that was nice to hear, they offer pictures in their menu which always helps out deciding what the heck it is you're going to be getting. So all in all it was good.

Staff: very welcoming and so sweet. They are willing to make your experience here the best and unforgettable. They helped us in any way we needed, explained everything to make our food choices easier and seem to care very much about their customers.

Food: I had their "vegan tofu tostadas" and a bowl of tofu, noodles, and lettuce. The food was delicious for being vegan and exceeded my expectations. The only downside I'd have to say was they used a little too much cilantro for my liking (to my boyfriend it was good, but he's crazy about that stuff) but that's just my opinion, I'm not the hugest cilantro fan unless it's in my pico de gallo. The taste of the cilantro was strong but with sriracha I was able to over come it. They also put this delicious glaze on their tofu which just makes it good. The tostadas were definitely my favorite though. Also the food is heavy, as in you'll feel full after eating your meal another slight downside for me, I don't like to feel like I'm going to explode after eating.

Atmosphere: It's a good size place and the tables are pretty well spread out to where you won't feel like your eating with the crowd next to you. It's a fun little place, with bright colors and glittered counters, very uplifting on your mood. They also have a little couch seating area kinda feels outdoorsy but indoors (if that makes sense). All in all it's a cute little restaurant.

Final: I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to try something new and different from the valley, great service, good food, and they have interesting dessert that looks good!



Phillip Lim Collection for Target

11:43 PM

So the morning of the Phillip Lim release I headed to my local Target, not too too early, I heard there were lines in the early hours of Sunday to get the collection, but where I live big name fashion is not really a thing. So I was able to sleep in and go around Sunday at 10am then pick up the purses most definitely first! There was only 1 black left and no yellow, bunch of grey ones, but I mainly had my eye on the black and yellow. Then a day or two later I went back to see what was left and I found a "boom" sweater in size small, so it seemed ment to be and I bought this one as well. Lots of compliments on it, it's so fun and such a lightweight sweater. Definitely satisfied with this collection.


Frenchie Love !

11:25 AM

Found this cutie at Old Navy for their fall selection, instantly fell in love !


Caught a Cold

11:50 PM

One of my co-workers seemed to have passed me her cold and now I'm feeling so down. I have a stuff nose, sore throat, and am currently running a fever ::sigh::. 1.) Nyquil to knock me out and hopefully help me feel better. 2.) Halls to soothe my aching throat. 3.) Soup because everything solid currently bothers my throat going down. 4.) Well number four.. gummies just make everyone feel better, am I right? School also started last week so I'm getting back into the groove of work + school + posting, sorry guys! Well we'll post again when I feel better :o(