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the start of a new year always fresh and exciting, wondering what the year will bring you, hoping it's good, hoping wonderful things will happen to you and you find nothing but luck.
Valentine's month, Elias and I celebrated the day of love at our apartment (due to past experiences of EVERYWHERE being packed to the max and no seating anywhere) we decided to stay in and I cooked us up some spaghetti and we exchanged gifts.
This year I also turned the big 21! It's been pretty fun and exciting to finally go out with friends and laugh over a good drink, I can honestly say I've enjoyed being 21, but the sounds of turning 22 is a bit scary.
During the months of March and April they aren't too exciting for me, they mainly consist of school days, homework evenings, nights with Elias and weekends filled with work. Always tiring but can't wait to finish school! Oh, and lots of coffee, duh!
I rediscovered my Nikon while cleaning my desk and took it out for some pictures, I really do enjoy taking pictures of anything/anyone.
Lovely summer nights, I really dislike the summer Texas heat, but sunset is always beautiful, no matter how stuffy it is.
Summer means all my high school friends from Austin are down and that also means countless nights at Roosevelt's and local bar/restaurant in town with an awesome atmosphere, good wine + beer, and chill people, also adult games. . jenga anyone? My June consisted of alot of these nights and I loved it!
In July, I got my cook on and experimented with a bunch of different lunch/dinner vegan options, by far my favorite were my impersonation of taqueria tacos. . .so so so goood!
July also accounted for beach trips with my dad and his family.
Also went to my first Ranger vs. Yankee game, that was fun, minus the scorching heat, but hey, seeing Derek Jeter was so worth it ;o)
my first vegan pizzeria in Austin .. so much yum
Austin street art
August was my "summer", both Elias & I got our paid week vacations at the same time so we spent a week together at the beach then San Antonio. The beach was perfect, not too many people and the weather was so lovely.
In San Antonio, I discovered 'The Green Vegetarian Cuisine' which led me to my first taste of vegan cupcakes ...my heart has never been the same, they were truly delicious.
back to school, studying, exams, endless coffee, and highlighters galore! I also discovered my major I want to graduate in, who knew it be towards my last years of college, nevertheless, it felt like a puzzle piece clicked with me and I can't wait to graduate now, so happy.
ACL Fest happens every fall, and this year I went to my first, what an experience, and I happen to go when a cold front came in so talk about amazing weather, it's so amazing to be around so many people who appreciate the same music you do and you all just feel the music in you together. Hoping I get to go again next year.
Happy Halloween! meeeeow :-P
November made me realize how hectic my school semester was, but I wouldn't have it any other way, I love keeping my mind busy, especially now that all my classes involve my major, school is actually fun now!
Towards the end of the year I looked back and realize what an amazing friend I made at my job. I can act like my shy self & we are still able to get along. I know she's not just any "come & go" friend, I believe me and her will know each other for a long long time. Lucky to have her in my life.
cold weather finally here and Moonbeans study sessions.
decorating the Elias' and mines apartment, always fun.
present wrapping and gift giving.
ugly Christmas sweater parties, family time, and love.

That's a wrap 2013, but you were good. Every year I learn a little more about myself, and this year I feel like a whole new person. I discovered what I want to truly do in school, I only enjoy company in small quantities at a time, I learned to love my body the most when I work out, the meaning of my veganism, pieces of what make me, me. Elias' and mines relationship took a whole new level. . .no mess ups, just pure love, and honesty. We have become stronger as a couple, and with every day that passes I truly believe we love each other more with each passing day. All my family stayed in good health, so did my two little furry babies. All my friends are still my friends, and they're all doing good. My blog took a big hit and I now have over 11,800 views! I couldn't have ever imagined that. Thanks to everyone who views/reads...I really do appreciate it so much. Overall, 2013 taught me out of everything you need to know, do, be, is strong. . in every aspect, physically, mentally, emotionally. You have to be strong

I'm ready for 2014 . . . hoping it's another good year full of lessons.


Some new things lately.

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{brown faux leather ankle strap sandals - Target}
 {studded faux leather black wristlet - Shop 112}
{Sam and Libby Paxton booties - Target}
{pink & gold dotted hair bow - Icing's}
{black & white polka dotted cardigan - Forever 21}
{necklace - A'gaci}
{grey infinity scarf - Shop 112}

I haven't had time to take pictures of what I recently bought, but with a free Friday night on my hands I thought I'd upload some of the new things I've gotten my hands on. Shop 112 labeled above is a boutique in my work's plaza where I live with lots of cute chic clothes, accessories and shoes, link will be posted here. As for the rest I'm excited for the Sam & Libby boots. . .also the sandals, they're so cute. 


Merry Christmas 2013

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So I know I've been a little MIA lately, but once the semester flew by, I got busy with work, then gift buying, then getting things together for Christmas parties and such, I got a little side tracked. Sorry y'all! Well Christmas is here and almost over, I can't believe how fast it came as well as went, then it blows my mind how fast the year went too! Lots of family time was spent this Christmas, lots of good food, wonderful gifts I'm so thankful for, and just time to think about how nice of a life I had. Although I feel December went a little too fast, and I didn't get to enjoy Christmas as much working so many hours, I'm going to come up with some traditions to make Christmas feel a little more Christmas-y in the coming years. 

Some new traditions I want to do:
- look at Christmas lights 
- bake vegan Christmas cookies in Christmas shapes
- make hot chocolate on a cold cold night (we don't get too many cold night in the 956)
-  taste all the seasonal brews there is to taste (I kinda tend to stick to my usuals)

* at least once in my life, spend a Christmas where it snows*
..so that's what I've got so far, Christmas is tough as an adult, so I wanna feel like a kid again . .just once more?

Merry Christmas my readers and thanks for always reading & viewing.


Holiday Gift Guide #4

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For some reason finding a gift for my dad is the hardest thing, men are simple people and pretty much anything makes them happy. So you can never tell if they truly like it or they're just happy they received something, and me being miss perfection, I try to always give the best gifts, here are a few I wrapped up that I think are pretty versatile and almost any dad would like something on here.

1.) A BBQ tool set, not necessarily a "tool set" but all the "tools" dad will need when cooking up some nice bbq on a Sunday evening. It has everything from tools to clean up to the right spatula and fork dad will need to flip or pick up the meat. This one available at Kirklands for $56.

2.) Dad's are infamous for slipping on a pair of crocs or thong sandals, very lazy they just put something that'll get them from home to where they need to go, as long as it's comfy, they'll put it on. Why not let them be comfy in style, with some Toms. Coming in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, any dad will be happy to slip them on and you'll be happy dad can look a bit more modern. Available at Toms.com.

3.) With technology advancing almost everyone has a smartphone and that smart phone has music readily available to play. To make it a bit more better sounding I'm sure any dad will enjoy this iHome player, with a good size, it can fit in his office, room, or can be moved outside for a cook-out or anywhere he needs, made for the iPhone/iPod products but has a auxillary port to connect any phone. This one from Amazon.com for $35.

4.) You'll always catch dad's when they are not at work in t-shirts, and almost every dad in the United States are football fanatics, why not get dad a tee with his favorite team on the front, coming in a variety of teams, Old Navy has them on sale for $18.

5.) I'm sure any dad will appreciate sunglasses, easy to wear, go with anything, and block the sun, like I said men are simple people so if it gets the job done they'll have it, sunglasses of any kind will do the job, but some Ray-Bans seem modern and up to date for your old man. Available at Ray-Ban.com or Ray-Ban stores for $130.

6.) Last but not least, the coffee drinking dads, this mug it funny but loving at the same time, you can find it on amazon.com for $7.50.

Hope you enjoyed.


Holiday Gift Guide #3

1:15 AM

Finding a gift for my mom is always the hardest, cause I want it to be perfect and let her know how much I love and appreciate her. Above are cute little things I think any mom would love or enjoy getting.

1.) All mom's are hard-working, tough, and seem to have unlimited energy, but at the end of the day we can see they are tired and ready to snooze, I'm sure any mom would love to doze off to the scent of this 'relax' candle. It can be something to relax the soul and unwind our busy momma's. This one is from casa.com for $17.

2.) Mom's always seem to have the most and best jewelry, why not get them something to put it on. This cute deer head stand is so different but pretty at the same time. It's from purehome.com for $35.

3.) Our mother's seem to love their zzz's, helping them out by getting this cute mask would be so sweet. You can get sleeping mask's pretty much anywhere but this adorable one is available at Etsy for $20.

4.) Most mom's are busy bee's and all seem to have an iPad, or some sort of tablet to keep up with their busy schedule's and their friends on Facebook, why not let them be in style with a cute case of some sort. I'm in love with this Kate Space iPad case from Nordstrom, going for $85.

5.) Something that can come in super handy for our momma's are what I think would be a kitchen apron! Always cookin' up something good, why not get a cute apron to make cooking more enjoyable (I know I love wearing them)! Also it keeps them from getting any clothing dirty! Cute aprons can be found almost anywhere, this one pictured is from Modcloth for $35.

6.) A day full of work = a day on your mom's feet, how bout some cute slippers to ease the end of the day pain for your mom. So many cute slipper's are available anywhere, and I know my mom loves slippers. These above are from Victoria's Secret and are for $50

Hope you enjoyed & Happy December !!


Instagram + Views!

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Are you following me on Instagram yet? If not, why not start. If you enjoy my blog, you can catch more on my Instagram + outfit of the day posts, I'm always updating, and you can always find what I'm wearing and where I got it. My user name is: sweettartsarah .. Also thanks everybody for viewing my site, I'm up to 11,000 views! That is pretty cool to me, thanks very much.




Holiday Gift Guide #2

6:59 PM

It's always difficult for me to get a guy a gift, because they are simple people who are happy with almost anything, but to me, I like to be the perfect gift giver, so I tend to over think things and make it more difficult that what it probably is! I put together a few items I thought would be nice for a guy to receive whether it be your man or just a friend!

1.) A nice textured jacket on a guy is very nice and attractive to me, I love when my boyfriend wears them, so this is a possible gift this year to him. This one is Levi's brand from Gap and it's $160.

2.) A simple gift maybe more so for a friend, is a nice set of whiskey glasses, men say they like their "Jack & Coke" so why not give them some nice glasses to put it in! This set is from Target for $20, but really you can get a good set of glasses anywhere.

3.) One time I got this men's scissor kit for my boyfriend as a stocking stuffer, and he loved it. It comes in handy for men who have beards or just like to keep neat. It comes with every tool a guy will need and is available at Target for $13!

4.) I love satchels on guys, it's very sophisticated and classy. It can be used for school, work, or a daily basis. This one is from Etsy for $70.

5.) A man in a tie is a nice site, something about them being dressed up is like candy to us girls eyes. A nice tie would make a man who enjoys dressing up happy, most places have nice ties, this one pictured is from JCrew for $70.

6.) A flask to me is such a guy thing, a personalized one would be even cooler, all the letters of the alphabet are available at Nordstrom for $38.

7.) fingerless gloves are my boyfriends favorite, cause you can still touch things and do stuff without the glove so much getting in the way. A variety can be found anywhere from Target, Old Navy, these are from Banana Republic for $30.

Hope you enjoyed.


Holiday Gift Guide #1

5:10 PM

So with Christmas coming up, and December right around the corner, it's time to jump on the ball of gift giving and deciding just WHAT are you going to get everyone on your list! I love giving gifts, so I decided putting together a little collage of what would be cute to get your closest girlies!

1.) How cute are these watches from Forever 21, both simple but chic and for a sweet price of only $17! Hello!

2.) For that book loving friend or someone who goes to school, these totes are the cutest to carry around your essentials. The cute designs make them perfect for any setting whether it be school, to the bookstore, to work, or just to carry from day to day! Both from Forever 21 and both only $3.80!

3.) It's always good to stay hydrated! So why not keep your water in a cute mason jar tumbler, available pretty much anywhere now a days, but this one specifically is from Target, for $9! Not only for cold beverages but also for anyone who loves their morning brew, a cute coffee mug always makes me happy & pretty much any other coffee drinker, Target has adorable ones in plenty of designs & colors, but this cutie pictures above is Kate Spade for $20.

4.) Us girls are ALWAYS needing hair ties, so why not get your best friend these cute hair ties, but a little ribbon at the end, available everywhere, in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. These above are from Nordstrom for $6.50.

5.) For that girl friend who has plenty of rings, why not get her a ring holder, how cute are these little bunnies from ASOS for $14, also Target has some too, they are a cute gift.

6.) Every girl can not ever have enough nail polish, so why not get her a little more. Essie is a really good brand and this gift set is available at Target for $15.

7.) Any of your friends a dog lover? I know I am, and I would love to receive a planner with cute pups all over it! This one from Modcloth for $15. Love it.

Hope y'all enjoyed, keep up for more guides to come.


...sorry for the lack of posting

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It's finals time at school, so I'm bombarded with studying, papers, and exams. I'll try to post as much as I can . . it's almost over (yaay)! So lately my desk has been looking like a lot of this! 


Lately {Insta-Style}

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{new decor on my night stand from Marshall's}
{busy, busy, on my school planner}
{relaxing and giving myself a mini spa night after a long week of exams}
{Halloween as a kitty + my little skeleton brother}
{at the end pumpkin rings on top of Halloween cupcakes}
{getting in the Christmas spirit! pumpkin spice soy milk = sooo delicious + Target Xmas catalog & coupons}