Weekly Friday Thanks.

3:54 PM

Another week has come and gone, and I'm ready for a weekend out of town to relax and have a good time. Going to come back to tons of school work, but shh, let's not think about that and think about things that made me smile this week . . . here we go:

  • A surprising cool front that's hitting Texas! (I'm so ready for chilly weather) 
  • everything about my Elias, he's so amazing, I love him.
  • seeing Christmas stuff at Target being put out...my heart can't contain the excitement for all the things I want to buy for Elias' apt
  • water
  • a vegan gingerbread cupcake someone at work surprised me with, (I was left speechless, it was so delicious) can't wait to start holiday baking!
I hope ya'll have a wonderful safe weekend!

{Dino pondering about life}


Hump Day.

2:00 PM

{Nylon giving me the look to carry her}
This week's almost over! Can't wait to be done with it..then Austin, Tx this weekend, eager for that. Just going to spend the rest of my day studying for Anatomy. Hope y'all have a good day!


Party !

1:55 AM

A little outfit of the day post, just for fun ya know? Had a family birthday party today and this was my attire!

  • polka dot sheer button up - Target
  • nude cami (under top) - Target
  • skinny crop jeans - Target
  • leopard loafers - Target
  • crossbody bag - Taget
  • sunnies - Target
okay, I just realized this whole outfit is from Target...what can I say it's one of my favorite stores! It's like retail therapy for me there! 


Weekly Friday Thanks.

12:31 AM

My oh my how the weeks fly by, it's already Friday night again! So here goes to another week of things that made me smile!

  • the picture above, doesn't Nylon look so adorable!
  • Targets Denizen skinny jeans = the most perfect fitting jeans EVER!
  • Nylon turned 2 years old on Thursday, thank you God for keeping her alive and healthy
  • how Elias' and mines relationship just grows stronger and stronger everyday..truly amazing to me
  • realizing I really do love keeping my body healthy and am so proud to be vegan 
  • talked to my anatomy professor and he gave me motivation to continue studying hard and read, such a sweet man.
This week was a breeze! Hoping for cooler weather though, but oh well, what else can you expect in the 956. Hope your week was splendid and your weekend is amazing!


Thankful; List #1

1:03 AM

Well it's Friday night ..Saturday morning now, but I'm going to still pretend it's Friday, and every Friday I want to start doing a list of what I've been thankful for the prior week. A list that I hope makes me smile, even if it's been a tough week, I want to find some great in it. Here goes. . .

  • pumpkin EVERYTHING
  • knowing this coming week I have absolutely nothing to study for
  • the cold weather we enjoyed earlier this week, it was a kiss for south texas saying that winter is coming! and I know everyone enjoyed it (I work at a coffee shop)
  • Radiohead . . that is all.
  • thinking I ordered 20 photos of film for my instax mini, to find out when the package arrives it was 40!! woOo, thanks eBay for having it so cheap (only $15!)
  • finding out I got the days I requested off from work got approved = I get to go up to Austin to see my friends at the end of the month that live there
  • knowing payday is Monday
  • Elias introducing me to The Avatar; 1.) I'm hooked 2.) can someone pleease get a an Apa?
Hope y'all have had a great week.



11:56 AM

I finally bought some more instax mini film, so excited to continue taking polaroids, they're so fun, gotta get myself a normal polaroid soon.