Some Random Pics from my Phone.

11:38 PM

{rest // vintage shoes // beautiful sunrise before opening at work}
{my friend Josie snapping pics on our dinner date}
{cake pop cravings // dog park with the little ones on a beautiful Sunday evening}
{the best vegan "reeces"}

Hope your weekend was wonderful.



11:08 PM

Today's details.

Necklace - Target
Polka Dot Button-up - Target
Army Green Rockstar Jeans - Old Navy



Comfy Pink Sweater

4:39 PM

Nothing like a oversized bubblegum pink sweater on an amazing weather day like today. Another plus is got it for a steal at Old Navy for only $9! Hope y'all are having a lovely week. 

Gold layered necklace - Aldo
Pink chunky knit sweater - Old Navy
Crop Denim - Target
Nude Flats - Sam & Libby for Target

P.S. - My page views are going off! I can't thank y'all enough for all your views + reading my page, I'm already up to 14,000 views, and easily hitting 1,000 monthly. Thank you guys, thank you, thank you!


Boho Feel.

3:56 PM

Floral Kimono - Target
Lace Tank - American Eagle Outfitters
Denzen Jeans - Target
Clear Diamond Jellies - Aldo Shoes


Summer Staples.

11:16 AM

headwraps, striped shirts, statement necklaces, d'orsay flats, iced coffee, shimmer eyeshadow, high-waisted shorts & kimono's. Here are a few of the things I'll be sporting when warmer weather is upon us. What are some of your favorite summer staples or things you always have in your closet?


More Dots.

6:07 PM

Dress - Forever 21
Necklace - Target
Black Tights - Target
Black D'orsay Flats - Shop 112


Some new things.

6:52 PM

My absolute favorite flats at the moment - Sam & Libby from Target
Summer prints // Sunflowers & Polka Dots - left: Marshall's // right: Forever 21
Sloane Ranger Anchor over the shoulder bag - Maripoza Boutique
Hello Tee - Hello Apparel via Maripoza Boutique
Bird Pink Skirt - Maripoza Boutique
Summer Flower headband - gift from my friend Josie via Shop112



Calm Day.

11:27 PM

Today was a day for peace and quiet-ness, the days are getting better and easier each day, of course nothing will ever be the same. Today was a day with being with my family all day, laughing to ease the pain, homemade dishes being brought to us (even a vegan dish for me!). A bunch of delicious pastries and some vanilla ice cream, some black tea lemonade from Starbucks, and a beautiful sunset to accompany the ending to this day. I'm thankful for all the company we always have over, who keep us laughing and our thoughts positive. I'm learning to appreciate everything in life, I always did before, but now I look at life a little differently. I enjoy a lot of family time, and the little things in life I didn't ever notice. I'm even going to take up going to church on Sunday evenings. I want to know more where my brother is at, and want to believe more than what I know. Life is a wonderful and short thing guys, cherish it.


Polka Dots.

9:26 PM

Polka Dot Button-Up - Target
Skinny Jeans - Target
Nude Pointy-Toe Flats - Sam & Libby for Target



I love you little brother.

11:35 PM

Sorry for being absent for so long readers, my little brother passed away this past Friday morning March 7, 2014 at 5:51 am in a car accident, he was only 20 years old. It's hard to want to do anything anymore, but with time these difficult emotions get easier and easier. I hope you understand my time away from the blog for a while, but I'll be posting soon, when my world goes unpaused. Thanks guys, I love y'all and thanks for reading as always.


Another cold, rainy day . . .

11:22 AM

It's days like this where I can't seem to get outta bed, and I don't wanna take off my warm-ups or my boyfriends long shirts. Another 30 degree cold & wet day ahead of the 956. . yikes, I love it, but it also makes me lazy >_<