Little Zebras.

12:21 AM

Today I had little zebras all across my shirt, and it was very fun.


San Antonio Eats {Insta-Style}

12:03 AM

{My new fav San Antonio restaurant: 'Green Vegetarian Cuisine' // myself getting to SA}
{no cow parts allowed! // 'BBQ Quesadillas' vegan style and oh so delicious}
{'The Real Deal' enchilada plate w/ rice and beans = unforgettable // vegan cupcakes! need I say more?}

While in a new city I always have to find out if they are vegan friendly, now I've gone up to San Antonio plenty of times but always with family so 4 against 1 to a vegan restaurant is hard convincing! This past week going up with my boyfriend who's always very willing to try my food, found a restaurant called, "Green Vegetarian Cuisine" vegan/vegetarian friendly absolutely NO MEAT is found in their store which is really nice. The food is to die for, my boyfriend (who's a little picky of his vegan meats) LOVED it! He couldn't believe he enjoyed it so much, so we went back for round 2! Also their pastries are to die for, vegan cupcakes? What else can you ask for!? This restaurant is found only in San Antonio, so if you're in the area, I definitely recommend, meat eater or not, you'll absolutely enjoy, I promise!


Beach Getaway . . .

9:09 PM

The beach these past three days was absolutely PERFECT! The weather was lovely, few clouds, fresh breeze, warm water, few people. . the beach felt like it was all mine! My boyfriend has been so wonderful to me lately and we've been having a lovely time, here (above) are some photos I took. We are now in San Antonio, gonna be here until Sunday and enjoy the city! Hope y'all are going all out this weekend before school starts! Enjoy


Be back soon!

11:51 PM

Hey guys! I've been at the beach the past two days, so relaxing! Trying to have a wonderful end of my break before school starts! Up early tomorrow and heading out to San Antonio, will be back Sunday!


Too Hot For Clothes.

6:12 PM

Dress #1:
Navy Blue Lace Dress - Thrifted
Ankle Strap Flats - Old Navy
Dress #2:
Coral Dress - Thrifted {Forever 21}
Cheetah Flats - Target
Brown Braided Belt - Thrift 
Dress #3:
Lace Dress - Target 
Nude Wedges - Forever 21
Teal Gem Necklace - A'gaci 

Here in South Texas it's been hot, hot, hot! So lately all I've been wanting to wear are dresses to keep cool, and hey they are comfy and cute too!


Dressing Down The (faux) Leather Skirt.

7:00 PM

Jimmy Hendrix baseball tee - Target (mens section)
Vest - Target
Faux Leather Skirt - thrifted but from Forever 21

Today I decided to dress down my thrifted leather skirt, I feel the leather skirt is seen as "sexy" or for a "night out" but today I wanted to wear it during the day and didn't want to look too overdressed. So I paired it with a rock tee and converse. I love this look and it's actually comfortable. 


Is there such a think as a "good monday" ?

1:43 PM

{new ankle strap flats from Old Navy}
{appetizers and dinner at an Asian Bistro with my wonderful friend}
{..then a little pina colada's to end the night}

So for a Monday I had a great day! I got out of work early, went for some flats I had been eyeing at Old Navy, then met up with my friend/co-worker for some dinner and drinks at a wonderful asian bistro, with a lovely atmosphere and a cute outside patio deck where you can enjoy drinks and the beautiful night weather. I didn't know there was such a thing as a good monday!


The Sneaker Wedge.

12:48 AM

So today I Target I snagged these "sneaker wedges" pictured above and I'm actually kind of nervous to pair them up with outfits. They are really fun (and actually very comfy) shoes, so I'm brainstorming ideas of what I can match up with these babies! 

Day: I gave day a more casual, classy look. Cat eye sunnies and a structured bag to "dress up" these shoes, but still gave just a striped tee for that comfy, breezy day feel we all want for these summer temperatures.  
Night: For the night side, I wanted to keep it casual as the shoes but still give it that "night out feel" we all go for in the evening for drinks or a night out of dancing. I paired it with red lipstick and a cheetah clutch to show you can still play up these shoes to a "sexy" side as well. + they are really comfy if you end up dancing the night away!