Beach Must-Haves!

9:51 PM

I just got back from a weekend at the beach, and I forgot to post my beach-day must haves that I take with me myself! I guess it's a good thing I posted after, because I realized you really do not need much for the beach. Spending most of the days in your bathing suit, clothes are pretty much optional (haha). What I definitely always have with me are:
1.) sunscreen - I absolutely DO NOT like burning (or peeling for that matter).
2.) floppy hat - If you happen to forget sunnies, or want to take a really rad Instagram pic, this is a must have!
3.) cute sunglasses - Not only are they great accessories to your beach hair, (or to cover up the fact that you do not want to wear make-up at the beach) but who wants to be all squinty in pictures!
4.) beach bag - to carry all your necessities! Also they make perfect purses for a daily bases.
5.) slides - Always wear easy to slip on sandals to the beach, no one wants to be fussing with laces, straps, and buckles when walking through the sand.
6.)  beach towel - to lay out and get some sun! Also, how cute it this one from Ban.do!



Glitter Booties!

3:38 PM

Lately I've been feeling a funk that I wake up and look in my closet, and feel like I have absolutely NOTHING to wear. I know a lot of people tend to feel that way, but normally I'll swap around something I've worn before and pair it in a totally different way! My brain has just been a little lazy (summer blues?). I'm surprised I put this look together, and it worked out SO well! I hadn't worn these booties since October, so I had wanted to wear them again but this time for the summer. I definitely felt Lady Gaga vibes in this outfit, so fun, and comfortable! 
I'm looking forward to these next few weeks/months! I'll be spending this next weekend at the beach with the girls from work for our 'Beach Retreat' at South Padre Island. Then my boyfriend and I already booked our 'AirBnB' for next month in Houston to go see 'Bleachers' perform! I'm so, so excited for that since we got rained out in May and it got cancelled. Then, I'll be going to New York in September for work, such a great coming few months!