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7:31 PM

Are you following me on Instagram yet? If not, why not start. If you enjoy my blog, you can catch more on my Instagram + outfit of the day posts, I'm always updating, and you can always find what I'm wearing and where I got it. My user name is: sweettartsarah .. Also thanks everybody for viewing my site, I'm up to 11,000 views! That is pretty cool to me, thanks very much.




Holiday Gift Guide #2

6:59 PM

It's always difficult for me to get a guy a gift, because they are simple people who are happy with almost anything, but to me, I like to be the perfect gift giver, so I tend to over think things and make it more difficult that what it probably is! I put together a few items I thought would be nice for a guy to receive whether it be your man or just a friend!

1.) A nice textured jacket on a guy is very nice and attractive to me, I love when my boyfriend wears them, so this is a possible gift this year to him. This one is Levi's brand from Gap and it's $160.

2.) A simple gift maybe more so for a friend, is a nice set of whiskey glasses, men say they like their "Jack & Coke" so why not give them some nice glasses to put it in! This set is from Target for $20, but really you can get a good set of glasses anywhere.

3.) One time I got this men's scissor kit for my boyfriend as a stocking stuffer, and he loved it. It comes in handy for men who have beards or just like to keep neat. It comes with every tool a guy will need and is available at Target for $13!

4.) I love satchels on guys, it's very sophisticated and classy. It can be used for school, work, or a daily basis. This one is from Etsy for $70.

5.) A man in a tie is a nice site, something about them being dressed up is like candy to us girls eyes. A nice tie would make a man who enjoys dressing up happy, most places have nice ties, this one pictured is from JCrew for $70.

6.) A flask to me is such a guy thing, a personalized one would be even cooler, all the letters of the alphabet are available at Nordstrom for $38.

7.) fingerless gloves are my boyfriends favorite, cause you can still touch things and do stuff without the glove so much getting in the way. A variety can be found anywhere from Target, Old Navy, these are from Banana Republic for $30.

Hope you enjoyed.


Holiday Gift Guide #1

5:10 PM

So with Christmas coming up, and December right around the corner, it's time to jump on the ball of gift giving and deciding just WHAT are you going to get everyone on your list! I love giving gifts, so I decided putting together a little collage of what would be cute to get your closest girlies!

1.) How cute are these watches from Forever 21, both simple but chic and for a sweet price of only $17! Hello!

2.) For that book loving friend or someone who goes to school, these totes are the cutest to carry around your essentials. The cute designs make them perfect for any setting whether it be school, to the bookstore, to work, or just to carry from day to day! Both from Forever 21 and both only $3.80!

3.) It's always good to stay hydrated! So why not keep your water in a cute mason jar tumbler, available pretty much anywhere now a days, but this one specifically is from Target, for $9! Not only for cold beverages but also for anyone who loves their morning brew, a cute coffee mug always makes me happy & pretty much any other coffee drinker, Target has adorable ones in plenty of designs & colors, but this cutie pictures above is Kate Spade for $20.

4.) Us girls are ALWAYS needing hair ties, so why not get your best friend these cute hair ties, but a little ribbon at the end, available everywhere, in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. These above are from Nordstrom for $6.50.

5.) For that girl friend who has plenty of rings, why not get her a ring holder, how cute are these little bunnies from ASOS for $14, also Target has some too, they are a cute gift.

6.) Every girl can not ever have enough nail polish, so why not get her a little more. Essie is a really good brand and this gift set is available at Target for $15.

7.) Any of your friends a dog lover? I know I am, and I would love to receive a planner with cute pups all over it! This one from Modcloth for $15. Love it.

Hope y'all enjoyed, keep up for more guides to come.


...sorry for the lack of posting

10:06 AM

It's finals time at school, so I'm bombarded with studying, papers, and exams. I'll try to post as much as I can . . it's almost over (yaay)! So lately my desk has been looking like a lot of this! 


Lately {Insta-Style}

12:23 PM

{new decor on my night stand from Marshall's}
{busy, busy, on my school planner}
{relaxing and giving myself a mini spa night after a long week of exams}
{Halloween as a kitty + my little skeleton brother}
{at the end pumpkin rings on top of Halloween cupcakes}
{getting in the Christmas spirit! pumpkin spice soy milk = sooo delicious + Target Xmas catalog & coupons}



Target Haul + Update.

12:56 AM

Did a quick Target trip the other day, mainly for no reason but knowing I won't come out empty handed and sure enough I didn't! Got myself:
- puppy scarf ... woof!
- heart sweater
- two christmas toys for my own pups
- new gold / pink pencil pouch for my school stuff

I know I've been a little weak at posting lately, but the end of the semester is in FULL EFFECT and I'm trying to hang on juggling both school and long days of work. Only a week and a half till Thanksgiving vacation, boy this year is flying by! I hope y'all are well and thanks for viewing.