2014 in Review.

1:37 PM

A new year, a fresh start, unknowing what the year will bring or what challenges you will overcome. Always positive, always fresh, new mindset, excited, hoping nothing but goodness comes your way. 
My birthday month! I turned 22 this year, and rung in my birthday with my man, and then with my family. Pictured above is little cards my brother and sister gave me, so cute. 
March 2014 is a month that forever changed my life, something unexpected occurred in my family and we went through something I'd hope happens to no one or their families. The passing of my brother happened on March 7, 2014 at 4:50a.m., this day replays in my head with any little trigger, but I just feel lucky that I was able to see him go, and this connection I had with him was at it's strongest that night. 
A new start for my small new family. After the passing of my brother, life paused for a moment and adjustment took place. Having to deal with constant tears, sadness, and broken moments. Everyone mourning and readjusting to life in their own ways, so everything feels silent and lost for a while. Easter was my families first get together since the passing of my brother, we had to see how holiday's were going to be from now on, some still with tears, and other's still in disbelief that my brother was gone. But something in you keeps pushing forward and you have to keep going on for each other, and just love each other more because life is very fragile. The passing of my brother also made me realize how sweet and caring people can be, so many people came out and touched my families lives after the passing of my brother, they would bring us anything we needed, and were always there for us, some even gifted us with such amazing gifts. People can be amazing. 
How I was able to get through the school semester after my brother passed was beyond me, but I got nothing but A's and B's which is so surprising to me. May was nothing but finals and finishing yet another semester and another year closer to graduation.
Two months after my brother passed, his pup he left behind too passed. Which felt so unfair and maddening. How could the only thing we had left of him be taken away? After this moment, I felt confused and lost in what I believed, I was always worried something was going to happen, I felt any phone call from my family wasn't going to be good news, sirens made me paranoid in my head. I almost felt as if I was going crazy. . . but I realized maybe my brother wanted him up their with him, so I felt a little at peace.
After the semester my girlfriends and I went downtown to watch 'The Zombies' play at Cine El Rey, these men are quite old, but put on a great show and rocked on so hard. Such a fun show, and awesome to say we saw this very old, but awesome band.
Mother's day, a very emotional, and different mother's day, but nevertheless we made my mom feel special and loved. 
Although I went straight from Spring semester to Summer semesters, there was some time in between for Elias and I to squeeze in a beach trip, for relaxation and mind clearing!
...also beach trips with my dad and his family!
In June, I was offered a very fun, new, job and one that I had been contemplating for a while, but I started working at a boutique called 'Shop 112' and jumped in as their style blogger. It's a great job that I'm still currently at, and anything that involves fashion, photo shoots, new clothes, and putting ensembles together ...all while getting paid?! Dream job, y'all!
July was a quiet month, summer school, and lots of time with Elias is what July consisted of. For 4th of July, Elias and I went out for some raspas, parked my car and watched the fireworks that go off in Mcallen during the night time. We didn't go crazy, but just kept it chill, and spent the time together is all I could ask for.
I also discovered a vegan/vegetarian place in Mcallen, which I am now obsessed with and it is my favorite go to spot for my lunch hours! 
August is always a slow month, fall semester starting, and back to getting into the habit of reading, and studying. It was also the start to my LAST fall semester in college! 
In September I finally gave in to getting a Netflix account, and well I'm now obsessed with a bunch of shows, and I have it on all my electronic devices, so any moment I get that I'm doing nothing, boom, I quickly bring up a show. . .it's very dangerous!
My second year at ACL in Austin, very fun, but the crowd this year was insane! 
Halloween pumpkin decorating with my co-workers!
Halloween party with my coffee shop co-workers, they are always fun to be with
My friend Brianna had her engagement party with these girls who I have been friends with since middle school! So happy for her and wish her and her new husband a life full of happiness together, and good health!
Thanksgiving I got to spend with my man, he was blessed to have a job, that pays him extremely well, and although it doesn't allow us to see each other as much as I'd like, he works SO hard for me and to provide me with a good place to be at with him, food, and is always buying me little things. So to be able to spend Thanksgiving with him was so lovely, and I'm very happy to be spending another year together and going on six years in 2015!
Lots of family time in December!
and ended the year with our work Christmas party, we had so much fun!

December went unexpectedly well! I finished the semester strong, with 4 A's and 1 B! It was the end to my last full year of school, and I'm going on to my last semester! My family did really well adjusting to the holiday's and how they will be from now on. It was a fun month in general, I did really well on my health and working out. I learned so much this year and learned to be stronger than ever. My grandma moved in with us from San Antonio, I learned I will start 2015 in Hawaii, I was asked to come back to my old job at the coffee shop for the holidays (which is always fun being a barista), and I learned to appreciate life, and I've learned about who I am. 

2014 in general:
It was defiantly a tough year, but I didn't see 2014 being an extraordinary year, I saw it as being calm, and unexpected really. I learned how to deal with death. I learned to be stronger than ever, I learned how to deal with my emotions, I learned about who I am, and how I want to be. Life will never be the same thanks to 2014 and it will be a year my family will never forget. I've learned to try to be positive, I learned to cry because it makes you feel better. I learned people can be very sweet and caring. I've learned not to TRY to be in people's lives, if they want you there, they too will make an effort. Learning more and more about my self every year is so rewarding and relieving, because not knowing who you are is such a crazy feeling. I feel 2014 is ending right, and I'm looking forward to 2015.

How I see 2015
I will be starting the year in Hawaii, so I feel that gives me a good glimpse at how my year is going to be, I'm looking forward to this year and I feel it's going to be exciting and a good one for everybody! I feel I'm going to be at my best in every way, health, fitness, mentality, and becoming a better person. Cheers to a new year friends.

the past: 


At the moment.

10:38 PM

I'm new to discovering that there is a 'Kate Spade' in the outlets near where I live, so my grandma and I went to go check it out, and of course, I had to walk out with something. Super cute store, and mega deals..like almost a steal I mean!
Usual Target runs with Elias, because he has an obsession with checking if any new blu-rays came out every week.. and I'm always tempted to get something too, it's Target, duh.
a good run always helps me clear my mind from any worries or stresses.
enjoying the nice days we've been having here in the 956, coffee and a marranito, (piggie in spanish). Except I ate his face, oops. 
tonight I picked up some donuts for my co-workers, felt like being nice, and well I wanted one myself too.

So it's been one week since my Christmas break began and I'm enjoying every moment. I've been really lazy, and not wearing make-up while also being in my pj's a good amount of the day. I'm spending a lot of time with my dogs (because during the semester, I abandoned them quite a bit), watching lots of shows, and working out daily! Really can't complain!

At the Moment:
Watching: Kings of Queens, Elias bought me the 27 disc box set as part of my Christmas gift, and I'm in heaven.
Hearing: Dino scratch himself and his collar jingle and him whine that he wants to go to the front yard
Thinking: about booking my flight and my hotel for Hawaii, if I will wake up in time tomorrow before work to go work out, and how I miss Elias
Wanting: to paint my toes and get a manicure (currently poor) and another donut.. {ugh, will power}
Smelling: my vanilla candle burning, mm..my favorite scent!



OOTD + a little extra

8:21 PM

Last week we decorated our house for Christmas and it feels so cozy and nice, always love Christmas decorating and the feel of it. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours studying and of course coffee is necessary! In my coffee, I found a cute little surprise flower made by one of the baristas, always fun finding latte art, not to mention the baristas being your old co-workers/friends, so little surprises always appear. Today I wore my faux leather pants (that unfortunately don't picture well) but they are actually super comfortable and flattering! Most faux leather pants don't look good on my short legs, but these work perfectly, I couldn't be happier. Now it's time for me to get ready for my finals that are Wednesday & Thursday, so tomorrow is my day off from work and school, so you can find me studying ALL day! It's almost over!!


Finals Week!

12:57 PM

So here it is, FINALS WEEK, the week everyone dreads, and makes you want to cry even.. at a certain point. Luckily I have today off, so I always spend most of my Sunday's catching up on studying I missed during the weekend, because the weekends are for working all day! Two of my classes have already ended, so I have three to really focus on, and do my best. My semester will fully end Thursday, and Friday, Elias and I want to take off to San Antonio for the weekend, just a small getaway, because my head needs an escape of any kind. Then I also have to get ready for Hawaii in January, and finish my research, because God knows how behind I am on that >_< This semester has definitely proven to be my toughest in my college years, but I've actually learned soo much about my major. So here's to giving it all I got and hopefully seeing some passing A's and B's!


Photo Shoot Mornings

9:53 PM

Work is always fun when it's photo shoot day. Lots of new outfits to wear, clothes all over the place, trying to be quick for the photographer, coffee (for morning photo shoots), and hoping you look good (there ain't no, "hey, can I see first" to the photographer"). Today was a long day for me, after the morning commotion, started studying for one of my class for a final next week. Then had lunch with Josie, then ended up NOT studying, and just chatting away at Moonbeans with everyone.. which then lead to drinks at Spork (a local restaurant). One beer in and I'm in my bed, pj's, and ready to sleep. Been awake since 6:30 a.m. so I'm ready to starting counting zzz's! Counting down the days till next Thursday (my last final)! Good luck everyone and have a great weekend.


WishList + Thoughts

11:05 PM

The holidays are around the corner and I couldn't be happier for a break! I'm ready to relax, hang out with friends, work, be with my boyfriend, and be absolutely lazy! I really could use a break from school because I haven't had one since last December! First of all, I can't believe we're December already, someone please tell me where this year went, because I'm still thinking were October or something. The semester ends in about 8 days for me (hallelujah) but now it's time to give it all I got for finals, which feels worse than the whole semester. I should actually be studying right now for a final I have tomorrow, but I felt the need to do some blogging (writing) instead.. just for a bit. 
I feel every Christmas I want less and less things, I don't know if that's growing up or I just feel like I don't "NEED" anything anymore, like I'm really fine with getting nothing, except spending time with the ones I love. Although I don't want anything, I put a little wishlist above of stuff I want myself, or stuff I think is super cute. 
1.) a new phone case!
2.) some new PJ's
3.) I want to try the 'over the knee' boots, hopefully I can pull them off
4.) a new year = a new planner
5.) I feel like I could use a new coffee mug, how cute are these 'Oh Joy' coffee mugs available at Target
Life has felt so hectic lately, I feel I'm going through a transition of some sort, and I have literally been hibernating from people. I just come home and relax in my room, and I'm perfectly happy, I guess because I literally am at work or school everyday so the moments where I have nothing to do, my room, alone, is the best thing and where I want to be. I haven't been seen my boyfriend much, because he got a new job, so I see him most 2x a week, which feels horrid, but I'm being good and trying to get used to this distance, it literally feels like distance. Also we hardly talk on the phone, because when I'm free, he's working, then he gets out at 2 a.m. and I'm asleep, so I'm definitely adjusting to that change. 
Along with my thought of "transitioning" I feel I'm getting to know myself better every month. Most of the time I feel extremely lost with myself, and I feel I don't know who I am, who I'm becoming, how I want to be, or exactly what I want to do. But aside from that, I feel I'm finally gaining a sense of how I want to be and am learning about myself, maybe from all the alone time I'm getting, I feel I'm gaining a glimpse of myself and who I want to become in life. It feels relieving really. 
Well I guess this turned into a rant, but it could also count as an update. Happy Holidays friends, they're here!

P.S. - He finally takes a picture with me! My babe :o)