.. to California.

12:22 PM

A couple weeks ago, I was able to go back to Los Angeles for work! As I've been before, obviously one time isn't enough to get to know a place, so going back, I was excited to learn more about gorgeous LA. At my job, I do a little bit of the buying, alongside my two bosses, which I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do/experience. In LA is where most of the warehouses are for a ton of vendors... so you have the "fashion district" which is made up of multiple vendors boutiques/stores buy from all over the States. I enjoy SO much being able to buy, but as fun as it is, and gets your creative juices flowing (i.e. putting outfits together, buying pieces for a certain event, etc.) it is definitely TIRING! It's not your typical shopping day for yourself, you are shopping for all your store's clients. So you have to think of all the possibilities and different style you know your customers wear. Alongside shopping for that, you are looking at TONS of clothes all day, so by the time your day is done... you're like, wait.. what did I even choose this morning?? Much less, what did I choose two days ago?! At the end of the day you have a slight headache, but work hard, play hard. That is what a good dinner and a drink is for... to relax!
The last time I was in LA I saw the more touristy side, like Hollywood, the walk of fame, Beverly Hills, and the famous Hollywood sign. This time around we saw the more calm side which ventures out a little more .. we saw Santa Monica beach, a museum, and dinner where the locals go. We also went out more to the west side of LA, which the views were incredible... those mountains ... I don't ever get tired of seeing them, every time I see them it's like a breath of fresh air! I might be blessed enough to go on a couple more trips with my bosses back to LA, and I am only looking more forward to see more of the gorgeous views LA has to offer. There's just something so free and uplifting about California.



from New York ..

2:15 PM

This past month I visited my dream state of visiting ... NEW YORK!!! 😍
I got the opportunity to go with my boss to a show they were having in NY for work to shop for pre-fall. Although it ended up being a small market and we finished our work in about two days total.. we had some extra time to sight-see!
I've always known in my heart I was going to LOVE New York City (to be specific), and I even told myself when I was a sophomore in high school, I would love to live in NYC for at least one year of my life in my twenties. Although life changes and I met the love of my life here in the valley, that dream got put on pause, but that didn't mean I couldn't visit it!
As soon as we were landing and I saw the skyline, my heart literally skipped a beat, and I got a rush of emotions... I was actually and finally in NYC! The city that never sleeps, the city where your dreams come true, the city you see in movies ... NEW YORK FRICKIN CITY!
I loved everything about the city even the occasional scent of trash that's in the air (lol). So many things that make the city were so fun and different, now maybe I am just saying this, because I was visiting, but I always knew in my heart, there was a spot in it waiting to be filled by NYC. Although I got a teeny bit of claustrophobia in the subway (how do people ride that everyday?!) in the end I appreciated the experience. So many different languages you hear as you walk the streets, it starts raining.. just pull out your umbrella .. and let's hope you brought that with you, if not?? yeah, your definitely a tourist. The driving gave me major anxiety, how do people drive in that city!? But the fact that everyone is open with each other, minds their business, and is just being themselves was so enjoyable to watch. The cameras flashing everywhere by tourists, then next to them a local is running to get in their daily exercise.. I loved all of it!
I also loved that literally EVERYWHERE was dog-friendly, people walking their dogs in the street, Central Park had a dog park within it, dogs at coffee shops, dogs at spots to eat, dogs on the subway! Always a little cute pup to look at!



A weekend in Houston + a catch up!

4:16 PM

This past weekend I went to Houston for the reschedule of the Bleacher's concert at Karbach Brewery and it was the absolute best! I was dying to see them and I went back in May, but it got cancelled due to it getting rained out. Although the first time was a bummer, it was worth the drive back, because I can't imagine the second time being any better. We somehow got our tickets upgraded to VIP, so I got front row, then the weather ended up being perfect (only a slight drizzle in the beginning). Jack Antonoff & the boys put on an incredible show, and I'm definitely ready to see them again already!
also, my first time at Shake Shack! It was really good, and their vegan burger option was definitely something different and delicious! I'm thinking it had beets in it? I may be mistaken, but regardless, it was really good! Also, cheese fries because why not?!
I checked out some local boutiques in the area ... who doesn't like a cute photo-worthy wall?

I know I've been pretty MIA on my social media, not sure why, but putting together outfit-worthy instagram photos hasn't been in my mind in the a.m.'s ... maybe I'm just in a rut, that'll hopefully and soon go away. I know sometimes we all need a break from social media, and I'm currently experiencing mine. Shouldn't last too long, because I can't wait to put together outfits again, and take fun photos! 
I'm also going to New York in a couple weeks to go shop for the fall season at work. I'm beyond excited! It's always been a dream of mine to go to NY, so it feels surreal that it's actually going to happen. I'm going to try hard to capture as many photos as possible! 
If you're reading this, thanks for always sticking around and liking my instagram posts along with reading my blog. It means alot!


Beach Must-Haves!

9:51 PM

I just got back from a weekend at the beach, and I forgot to post my beach-day must haves that I take with me myself! I guess it's a good thing I posted after, because I realized you really do not need much for the beach. Spending most of the days in your bathing suit, clothes are pretty much optional (haha). What I definitely always have with me are:
1.) sunscreen - I absolutely DO NOT like burning (or peeling for that matter).
2.) floppy hat - If you happen to forget sunnies, or want to take a really rad Instagram pic, this is a must have!
3.) cute sunglasses - Not only are they great accessories to your beach hair, (or to cover up the fact that you do not want to wear make-up at the beach) but who wants to be all squinty in pictures!
4.) beach bag - to carry all your necessities! Also they make perfect purses for a daily bases.
5.) slides - Always wear easy to slip on sandals to the beach, no one wants to be fussing with laces, straps, and buckles when walking through the sand.
6.)  beach towel - to lay out and get some sun! Also, how cute it this one from Ban.do!



Glitter Booties!

3:38 PM

Lately I've been feeling a funk that I wake up and look in my closet, and feel like I have absolutely NOTHING to wear. I know a lot of people tend to feel that way, but normally I'll swap around something I've worn before and pair it in a totally different way! My brain has just been a little lazy (summer blues?). I'm surprised I put this look together, and it worked out SO well! I hadn't worn these booties since October, so I had wanted to wear them again but this time for the summer. I definitely felt Lady Gaga vibes in this outfit, so fun, and comfortable! 
I'm looking forward to these next few weeks/months! I'll be spending this next weekend at the beach with the girls from work for our 'Beach Retreat' at South Padre Island. Then my boyfriend and I already booked our 'AirBnB' for next month in Houston to go see 'Bleachers' perform! I'm so, so excited for that since we got rained out in May and it got cancelled. Then, I'll be going to New York in September for work, such a great coming few months!



Recently Purchased!

7:29 PM


Here's a couple things I've purchased over the last couple weeks! All clickable through the scroll widget, I couldn't link the exact tropical romper, but I linked the dress which takes you to the site, then you can shop the romper through the website! Also, the earrings were showing out of stock, but I did find a few left at the Target's here in Mcallen, so check those out, because these palm leaf earrings are TOO perfect for summer! Also, I'm SO happy, because I finally got my 'Love Taza' luggage! I've been eyeing this babe since her release! It recently went on sale at my local Target and I just HAD to get it! I can't wait to take it with me on my upcoming trips these next few months.


My favorite lunch spot!

8:07 PM

The Healing Factory Company

If you know me, or follow me via social media, you KNOW my favorite lunch spot is 'The Healing'. I go there almost every other day for: food, juice, a smoothie bowl, or a quick pick me up healing shot (also to see the friendly faces who work there, including owners Ingrid & Albert)! I've gotten a ton of my co-workers/followers to go there, because I'm constantly raving about how delicious it is! I always say, "I can't recommend anything to you, because literally the WHOLE menu is so good! So try the whole menu." (haha)
As a vegan/vegetarian picking up a quick bite can become challenging, or tiresome, I had a few lunch spots that I used to go to prior to The Healing, and living in the 956, the vegetarian food menu is barely making it's way down here (slowly, but surely, thank god). When I heard from my friend/coworker, Cici, say her friends were opening up a vegan food/juice shop, I was ecstatic, like really 10 steps away from me?! HECK YES.
I'm so thankful owner Ingrid is constantly sprucing up the menu with new and exciting, as well as delicious, dishes and snack options! 

Here are just a few of my favorites:

The Golden
This one is probably my first recommendation to people who are not used to vegan/vegetarian food. This burger is so flavorful, and tasty, that most people do not taste the "chickn" found inside, but rather the flavors it catches within. The golden is a "spicy" version or opt for "The Cosmic" which is the non-spicy version. 
PS - it really is not spicy at all, but has a buffalo sauce flavor.

The Texas Salad
My new favorite salad (The Budda was my first)!! This salad allowed me to taste what tempeh really should taste like... ha, I tried once, lets just not go there. This salad is loaded with greens, quinoa, spiraled cucumber + carrots, tempeh w/ BBQ flavor, and sweet potatoes! They give you a choice of dressing and I love the vegan Caesar dressing so so yummy! 

Sprouted Sandwich + Pineapple/Mango Agua Frescas
 This is a summer special! Owner Ingrid brought sprouts onto the menu for a summer treat! I hadn't had sprouts in a couple years, so I was really eager to taste this sandwich when I heard about it on their Instagram! I am not sure I would recommend this as a first try, just because everyone reacts differently to the taste of sprouts... they are a crunchy-like texture, that catch the taste of whatever they are with is the best I can describe the taste. If you try this sandwich though and like it, you rock! In this sandwich you'll find:
+ hummus
+ avocado
+ lemon juice
+ spirilized cucumber 
+ sprouts
+ greens 
also includes a side salad!
With this meal I also tried her summer beverage aguas frescas! I love mango + pineapple so naturally that was my first choice! Definitely a refreshing drink.

The Wise Smoothie Bowl
Any smoothie bowl you try from here will be delicious! The menu has what each one consists of, so when you go you can see what's inside it, and if you like it! My favorite is the wise, definitely a sweet, fulfilling quick lunch. Inside is: acai, strawberry, banana, spinach, cacao nibs, reishi mushroom, lavender oil, and coconut milk.
This is such a filling bowl, that I normally have it for lunch when I do not want to eat a big meal, but still want to get full. I know reading that it has mushrooms inside is like, what?! I literally didn't know until I looked up the menu for you all right now it had mushrooms lol. You do not taste them at all, I promise. The toppings it comes with are granola, blueberries, walnuts, blackberries, banana, strawberries, a chunky scoop of peanut butter (my fav part) and cacao nibs! 
If you do not know what cacao nibs are or what they taste like, it taste like semi-sweet dark chocolate. It adds a nice touch. This bowl is my recommendation for sure!

Green Magic Juice 
So many of the juices from here are delicious, and also show on the menu what they have inside so you do not have to worry about drinking some crazy concoction! The juice I have pictured above is called "green magic", this juice is full of PURE GREENS, I do not recommend this drink for a sweet drink, but rather as a detox beverage. I know it might be TMI or gross, but if you are constipated or ate a greasy meal over the weekend and want to rid of those toxins, drink this hearty beverage, and you will go.. if you know what I mean, haha. After a couple time having it, it tastes really nice, refreshing, and clean. 

Brave Shot
The Healing also offers wellness shots that specifically target problems you may be having, whether it's digestion or circulation, there's a shot for you! 
In the photo above I got the Brave shot, which is for energy! It consists of:
+ ginger 
+ tumeric
+ orange 
+ cayenne pepper
After you take this shot you feel the kick of energy from within! A shot that has a spicy kick (no this one is spicy but so good) to it, and makes you feel alive! This one is not for the weak, but after taking it, I promise you feel so good already ... yes, that quick!

I didn't not get to picture everything guys, I am sorry, but it really would have taken forever, haha but some others I recommend are:
- The Lucky - which is a hummus plate (great light snack)
- Overnight Oats - vanilla is my favorite!!
- Vibrant Juice - a sweeter detoxifying juice
- Majestic Smoothie Bowl - tropical paradise in your mouth
- Gardenia Salad Bowl - light & fruity for a non-heavy meal
Budda Salad Bowl - a fulfilling bigger salad
- Love Sandwich - vegan grilled cheese + avocado .. yes please! (my coworkers ALL love this one)
- Galaxy Sandwich - light sandwich, but fills you up without being heavy

Check out their instagram at:

If you have any questions, as always message me via Instagram!



High-Waisted Shorts for Summer!

12:29 PM

As summer nears in I've got shorts on my mind! I went to Forever 21 recently and found a few great pairs of high-waisted shorts that were really comfortable and good quality! I linked the shorts I'm wearing above and a few others I tried that I liked and were really inexpensive! So many ways to wear these shorts that are perfect for all of summer. I'll definitely post more looks that are perfect for all occasions, not just casual looks, when wearing high-waisted shorts! As for now, shop my favorites below, including the ones I'm wearing!



Cropped White Culottes

3:40 PM

Normally I'm not too fond on white pants, since I'm a little shorter, lighter colors of bottoms tend to make me look shorter and more stout, so I typically go with dark denims or pants. When I tried these on the culotte-style worked perfectly with my body (also if you know me, you know I LOVE this style of pants). There are so many ways to wear these pants and I'm so excited to style them through the spring and summer!



Jumpsuit Love!

8:52 PM

Jumpsuits have become my latest obsession! They are easy to wear, you do not have to think about what top to put with what bottom, and they are flowy! I love this one from Target, because it has a small "peek a boo" detail on the tummy area and that is such a fun touch! This piece is so transitional for all seasons!



Casual Spring Look!

7:48 PM

Happy Monday friends!
I feel good vibes this week and I pass them to YOU! I just threw a simple outfit together today, because mainly I wanted to be comfortable, but actually got a lot of compliments on it! 

- My skirt is unable to be replicated, because it's from my work from about 2 years ago, BUT I found three very similar and all for $20 or less!
- My tee is available AND is on sale now! It is only $10, what a steal!
- My purse is available as well, exact same, and SO perfect so spring & summer.
- My sandals, unfortunately are from my work as well from last summer, and aren't available anywhere anymore! We've tried re-ordering them as well from work, but the vendor does not have them either! I've linked similar ones or some I thought were so great with this outfit. 

Shop below!


Spring Favorites!

11:24 PM



Spring is finally feeling like it is here! We had an unusually colder winter this year, so it is amazing how great the sun feels when it comes out! This season I am wanting:
chambray, light-wash oversized denim jackets, wide-leg capri denims, floral handbags, red lips, and fun shoes! I put a little collage together of my favorites for this spring! Shop all of them through the widget I attached! Happy spring everyone! What is one style you will be sporting this season?